Wednesday 5 August 2015

300,000 Views today !! Please consider donating. Thanks!

Thanks everyone who has ever come to read any of the articles on Co-creating Our New Earth blog. Together, we awaken.  You may not realise the amount of effort or time that goes into creating blog posts, and doing the work of promoting articles, mainly through Facebook but in other places as well. This number of Views has not happened by "chance". As well as researching and writing articles, I would spend almost as much time again on promoting articles. Otherwise... articles sit there and nobody knows they're there...  So "Yes". A LOT of time is spent in promoting.

My request to you now...  If you appreciate my work, and if you have had your eyes opened in any way because of what you're reading on my blog, please thank me in kind with a small donation. (top right)

Please note:  People rarely donate to this blog. I think this is probably a common experience for most bloggers. Our friend Sabine McNeill made some donations to me in March of 2015 and a smattering of other people also donated at around that time. The total was around NZ$200. The lion's share of this was contributed by Sabine as she knew how cash-strapped I was at the time. This was when the Hampstead Cover-up news first began to break.  And I certainly appreciated those donations as I was able to buy a new car battery. My car was sitting and not able to be used for four months as there was no money to buy another battery (NZ$180).

You may not realise, but I was putting in 60-70 hour weeks online all through that period, from Feb 11, 2015 to April 30,2015. I just sat here and read, and posted, and read more, and promoted. That was my day... 8 hours up to sometimes 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's a really long stretch of 11-12 weeks, UNPAID !!  It was a 'life choice' i'd made >> Either find a job or keep covering the Hampstead Cover-up. For me, it was a no-brainer.  So I decided to take the financial hit. On May 5, 2015 FBI informant Christine Ann Sands left the UK. (Search: CAS on this blog for more info). That was the next "big" thing we were waiting for...  for her to leave.

After that was silence for a couple of months, and I think it was during that "lull" that I decided to set up two other blogs around these topics:

Ritual Abuse Investigations  (3700 Views)

Whistleblower News - CSA  (4000 Views)

I'd already started the online paper:
"Whistleblower News: Focus on institutional child abuse in the UK and beyond" on March 15, 2015.  (35 Followers, 3000 Views)

So as you see...  I'm one of the bloggers who's been doing a lot of heavy lifting on this subject for a long time now. Obviously, I won't be leaving this topic alone until every last institutional paedophile RAT has been flushed out from his/her hiding place - teachers, police, politicians, CAFCASS/child "protection" workers, foster parents...  This is my determination.

Please help support me financially. That's all I ask - to help support my life and well-being in return for you being able to read my perspectives, which I feel is an "awakened message".  All of this takes TIME. How much is MY time worth to you?  I'm aware I have a "particular" point of view, and I know it challenges and changes many hearts around the CSA and other topics. eg: Search "ISIS" on this blog.

My question now...  Is this a two-way stream?  Or are people so accustomed in 2015 to receiving information for free online, that most readers will simply gloss over this post, and never take action.

I'm asking you to take ACTION...  no matter how large or small.

If you appreciate my efforts, please say "Thank you" by making a donation. I need assistance to get some more practical things in my life done.  I am taking steps right now to leave NZ as I have the opportunity migrate to Sweden in 2016. This will certainly put me closer to the CSA activists in the UK (1000 kms) and to Ella and Abe, who would be just 1500 kms from me. The joining of these Energies together through face-to-face contacts will certainly forward the DESTRUCTION of the "Death Cult".

About the Death Cult, see:

Many appreciations to those of you who are going to take action on this TODAY and over the next few weeks and months. Your assistance will absolutely be put to very good use.  I live very frugally. I'm 1/4 Scots...  What else would you expect?  :D   Blessings on your household!

Thank you for contributing to my Life  : )
xx  Bron

And yeah...  This pic was taken in April 2015 when I was in the thick of it.  I think i'd only had around 6 hours sleep the night before, so not my best appearance. But at least you can relate to me as "being real" now  : )  Yes...  I'm a REAL flesh and blood human BEing who is full of the flu' at the moment...  I'm not just a series of key-taps you see on your pc as 'script'.  Here I am.  And you can help me achieve the next things that need to be done (passport, applications, photos, etc.)  which is GREATLY appreciated!  : )  Thank you.


  1. Thank you SO MUCH Andrew in the UK for your NZ$20 received today.
    MUCH appreciation !! <3

    1. Yup... Another 9 hours straight.
      The time just disappears, but lots of good posts made today :)
      It's no wonder this flu is taking its time to shift off my chest :-/
      Too much... too much...


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