Sunday 30 August 2015

TPP - TPPA PROTEST. Protest all over the Pacific Region. Brilliant idea !!

New Zealand Peoples Mandate Party

NZPMP TPPA News. Spread it, everywhere! Up and down every street.

I bumped into a rather clever chap, Adam, who came up with a very effective form of passive protest against TPPA. He has been kind enough to allow us to share his idea and run with it, so we have dubbed it Adam's Big Buzz Wheelie Bin Protest.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to print off our 'Hey Mr Key, can't you see, we don't want your bloody TPP' images, and affix said image to your wheelie bin. But more, and here's where things get a bit daring, and we have to say we will disavow any knowledge of your actions, if you know where a politician lives and what day their wheelie bin gets rolled out, well, we leave matters to your own initiative.

Here are the direct links to the images. The first is optimised for A4 printing, which is large enough to be seen clearly and make the point.

This image is a larger, higher resolution image, for those who want to print something a little larger.

Just remember to place the images low enough on your bin, to avoid damage from the truck lifting arms, which grab the bins at the top. You may also decide to leave your empty bin out between recycling/rubbish days, I certainly will be.

Become a member of our missions possible team by joining Adam's Big Buzz Wheelie Bin Protest against TPPA. Perhaps even carry out a secret mission or two, and strike a peaceful blow against the corporates, for the people.

Robbie Kaiviti.

Update: Some are asking if we can get stickers made. We are looking at this option but large stickers can be expensive. A couple of cheaper options is to, as I have done, get an A4 lamented. Though I have three, so I can affix the image to three sides of the bin. Another option is to enclose the image in a zip lock bag. Make sure to have the zip opening at the bottom. These options have the benefit of waterproofing the images and makes them easy to stick on the bin with a bit of suitable tape. I like the bag idea, as it allows us to use this protest method for other issues, simply replacing the image with something else.

It has also been mentioned that you are not allowed to stick things on 'your' wheelie bin, which you paid for in your rates. This is true, however, screw them. We have a right to peaceful protest and I doubt very much, that our courts want to be filled to the brim with ridiculous cases brought by councils or collection companies. If you are challenged, tell them you own your bin, because you bloody paid for it, you have a right to peaceful protest and if they don't like it, you want your day in court. Also ask for evidence of your offence and proof that it is an offence. Or in the case of a collection company, ask for proof of their ownership. Where you contract a private collection company, as some do, you might have a problem. Ask if it's OK to stick your sign on their bin. If they say no, cancel your contract. Let us know

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