Saturday 15 August 2015

Are you ready to WAKE UP to the Black Babylonian Magicians yet?

Source  - "hidden in plain sight"

These are all links below...

These links will take you a while to work through and get your head around... But please do. You will be at your most effective once you've worked out the game and who the main players are...

Thank you, BronnyNZ

(1)   HISTORY OF "THE PRIESTHOOD" IN THE BOOKS - by Anastasia, the Vedruss

(2)    Becoming conscious. No longer under mind control: David Icke




Please note: *egregor - a non-material collective psychic entity or field uniting members of a human group or organisation, generated and maintained by thought energy of the members of the group. 
* Footnote, p 228, "Ringing Cedars of Russia: Space of Love" Book 3, 2005
Free Pdf "The Space of Love"

(6)    An introduction to Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars series

(7)   We CREATE the Future with our Thoughts

(8)   Anastasia: An Introduction

(9)   "THE MAGIC OF WORDS" - by Bronny NZ


(10)   A new way of educating our children. The Tekos School in Russia.

(11)   Михаил Петрович Щетинин. Школа Щетинина



- a meditation given to me in February of 2011

Woe unto you, prophets!

This link (13) is to do with the subterfuge around the Hampstead London UK Satanic child sexual abuse case I was following all through 2015.  This is all part of the Babylonian trick...

(13) The disguise was working well, UNTIL... Royal Courts of Justice Aug 6, 2015






Links 18-21 show how the Black Babylonian Magicians create "spellings" = "illusory worlds" devised against humanity through the music media and through the news media. Anything that is suffixed by the word "media" = Medea (an ancient civilisation right next to the Babylonian Empire), needs to be on your 'watch list'. Medea and Babylon worked together to create the magic spells that humanity is currently under.





Link 22 is about the quantum field, cryptology, our off-world and interdimentional friends who are here to help us, and about Anastasia the Vedrus (a very well-known figure in Russia since 1996) who shows us the Black Babylonian Priesthood - how to see their magic tricks, and how to undo these tricks by using "The Science of Imagery".


Link 23 is a summary of these histories. "Hidden in plain sight".
Link 24 is how the egregor (see definition above) of the Babylonian Black Magicians is perpetuated by so-called "unwitting people" playing out their roles to do with the specific case of the "Hampstead Cover Up" - regarding the Satanic ritual baby sacrifice and Satanic child sodomising cult, 2014 - which was based at Christ Church Primary School, Hampstead, London, England.


After going through all that background or at some point along the way of getting to grips with it all, please see what some of the tricks were around the "Hampstead Cover Up" by going to Link 25. Thanks !

Anastasia talks extensively about "The Science of Imagery" and "Co-creation" in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books by Russian author, Vladimir Megre. It's best if all people who want to come on this journey of awakening with us and of tearing down the citadels of Babylon, read these books. Thanks

Link 26 shows how humanity is unveiling the tricks of the Black Babylonian Priesthood right now!


The Time for remaining in the dream is over:


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