Friday, 8 December 2017

USA Declaration of Independence (1776) being FULLY RECLAIMED right now !!

Look at that !! 

I'm a #MagicNumber watcher  @ #MessagesFromTheHologram

The very last article I put up on this blog around 90 minutes ago was number 1,776.

The year 1776 is the year the Declaration of Independence was signed by "13 American colonies [who] severed their political connections to Great Britain".

In the bigger scheme of things, is this what Trump is doing right now in his round-up of all the traitors of the USA who have been sitting in places of power in Washington DC? - as well as all over the USA and even in diplomatic, business and commercial chairs all over the world?  #QAnon on Tumblr 

You just have to look at the recent political resignations and non-returners in the USA to realize exactly how deep The Swamp really is.  See >

USA Congress (R) & (D) BAIL-BAAL from Satanist-busting Trump administration

I would strongly suggest that many of the names on these "resignation" lists will be coming up as names listed in the (up to 5,000) Sealed Indictments for all over the USA.

Is Trump "declaring independence" once again for all of the USA by undertaking these actions? Is Trump just plain taking back independence in fact (no questions asked) and simply ripping the independence of the USA right out of the hands of the international Deep State who has had tentacles running so deep into every affair of USA operations and mechanisms?

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Is this what this number 1776 means, which so synchonistically appeared on my blog right now?

1,776 - That is right now the number of articles I have written on this blog before I publish this one, which will then make 1,777 - another significant series of numbers #777

What an extraordinary "coincidence"  😉

>> There are no coincidences!

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