Thursday, 7 December 2017

Trump's COUNTER-COUP running perfectly. ARRESTS imminent - December 23 ??

Published on Nov 8, 2017

It was 17 sealed indictments in Washington DC, it's now 31. [the sealed indictments for the whole of the USA are up to around 4000+]. Heads are about to roll. And President Donald Trump has played the Obama-Clinton crime cartel like a fiddle. You are about to witness something that was deemed to be an impossibility just one year ago.

Charlie Sheen 'raped 13-year-old Corey Haim on the set of the movie Lucas', a friend of the late child-actor claims.
Stealth Jeff - Twitter
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I'm speculating that the round up of ex-politicians and their henchmen and women might happen on December 23, 2017 because this is the date the Federal Reserve Act was signed into being in 1913. This is the sort of thing Trump is doing - he's using exactly the same tactics of the Satanists to reclaim the territories of the United States (territories meaning: All parts of the US operational mechanism that has been usurped by the Satanists). Wouldn't that be poetic justice?  Here's some good reasons for arrests to take place late in the afternoon on December 23 -
  • The MSM reporters will have gone to their families in various parts of the country - so they won't be available to cover the round-up
  • The families of the perpetrators themselves will see exactly what is happening - reports of being 'disappeared' will not wash with them
  • When the MSM finally does catch up with their bogus stories, the families will know exactly what happened, since they were right there watching the arrest
  • Deprivation. These offenders will be in lock-up while everyone else is enjoying Christmas
  • Isolation. The military will be guarding the offenders allowing police officers to spend time with their families... skeleton police staff needed for this operation. ie: There will be no niceties
  • Forgotten. These offenders deserve to be forgotten while the rest of the nation enjoys their Christmas. Nothing will be reported. The nation will be completely unaware. It's a reminder to these Satanists of the forgotten 800,000 children and babies in the USA every year who are sodomized, raped, murdered and sacrificed. Thay are forgotten - by the Satanists, and by greater society. These Satanists deserve the punishment of simply being forgotten. 

To the pedophile baby-murdering Satanists in Washington DC and to Marina Abramovic:
You are not worth the effort of even one thought. I forget you. You are nothing.

Video: The Storm To Restore The Constitutional Republic of the United States of America

Published on Dec 7, 2017
A stroll through some general developments of The Storm, some philosophizing, and a renewal of hope.

Matt Bracken  
Craig Sawyer
Steve Pieczenik
Trump's Blonde Angie  "apocalypse" = Awakening to the truth.

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