Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Q Files - October 29, 2017. Military Intelligence involvement.

Article: North Carolina Student News - 
"How unusual is Trump’s Cabinet of generals?" published December 12, 2016

You might need this to help you decipher the Q posts:

Following Source: 4chan image boards
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The following isn't an Article, it's an Executive Order - but it points to the President being able to over-ride everything. If you know the Article, please leave a comment below on this article. Your comment will be published unless you direct me not to do so. Thanks.

3.4 References and Transition. References to "Senior Officials of the Intelligence Community" or "SOICs" in executive orders or other Presidential guidance, shall be deemed references to the heads of elements in the Intelligence Community, unless the President otherwise directs; references in Intelligence Community or Intelligence Community element policies or guidance, shall be deemed to be references to the heads of elements of the Intelligence Community, unless the President or the Director otherwise directs.
          In situ:

Executive Order signed by:
/s/ Ronald Reagan
The White House
December 4, 1981

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