Wednesday, 6 December 2017

"The Storm is surging right now" - Roy Potter

Video: The Storm Surges

Streamed live 2 hours ago

  • There was a show of force against the CIA a few weeks ago
  • Bombing of CIA drug facilities in Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago
  • North Korea is a CIA front
  • Trump is saying to NK-CIA-Deep State, "We are ready".
  • The US military is on alert within the USA
  • With an intelligence war, both information and disinformation is necessary
  • The move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is all part of The Storm

Arrests in DC
  • We're hearing a lot about gangs
  • Ask yourself - What is there really in Prince William County
  • What arrests are really being made with gang members and drugs?
  • Remember - these are the foot soldiers of Hillary Clinton and the DNC
  • It was MS-13 that likely killed Seth Rich 
  • Those assassins were also dealt with
  • Trump is "rolling up" the cabal from the bottom - that's what you do - you have to go to the outer soldiers and head towards those who are giving the orders
  • It's all sending a message

Former navy seal Matt Bracken updates - interview with Owen Shroyer
  • They went to the spot that TracyBeanz, Scott Anthony, Imperator Rex et al have been talking about
  • The coup (DNC, Hillary, etc.) is in trouble
  • Trump hasn't done with it yet. It's going to go all the way up the chain
  • There must have been a coup insider who woke up to what he wasy saying - said by Owen Shroyer
  • Propaganda is warfare
  • If they have killed people such as with Seth Rich (most likely), those are acts of war
  • They are enemy combatants now
  • This is the point that all of these commentators have been making, ie:

Trump has been saying to the coup: "You play along with us or we arrest you now and treat you as an enemy combatant - we 'disappear' you and despatch you to Guantanamo".

  • This information was probably accessed through the NSA and given to Mueller
  • The coup insider has realized that the coup has faltered and they don't want to go to Guantanamo

The Storm is surging
  • Our estimate of the situation is being borne out
  • BP Earthwatch also mentioned a lot of this information
  • This is an internal war within the United States of America
  • The war is between the corrupt Deep State which includes the intelligence community and the Constitutional Republic led by Donald Trump
  • It's not what Antifa is saying

Illegal voting
  • Trump did get the popular vote
  • It has come out about all the illegal "voting" that happened through illegal immigrants and dead people
  • The United States military is now fighting a domestic enemy
  • James Comey, Podesa brothers, Hillary Clinton, the corrupt FBI, Erik Holder, Barack Obama himself

Get yourselves ready
  • Have your food, water, medical supplies and means of self defence enough for 2 weeks
  • Protect yourselves and hunker down
  • It might not go there
  • I don't believe this cabal is going to go down quietly
  • It could go either way

Thank you for listening. Pass this around. 
Let everybody know. It is happening

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This is very important information - please see number synchronicities #333 #777  These two numbers appeared synchronistically on both Roy Potter's video and on the blog I had just posted this article to - images below. These numbers have appeared for the collective to ponder... They are not an individual reading, but for the situation we find here at hand in the USA. Here's Angel Numbers meanings following:

Number 7 resonates with the the ‘Collective Consciousness’, spiritual awakening and awareness, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual acceptance and development, intuition and inner-knowing, inner-wisdom, the esoteric, the inner-self, deep contemplation and introspection, secrets, myth, ritual, endurance and perseverance, persistence of purpose, the ability to bear hardships, solitary, isolation, long-sighted, the non-conformist, independence and individualism, intentions, manifesting and manifestation in time and space, good fortune, mental analysis, philosophy and the philosophical, technicality, scientific research, science, alchemy, genius, a keen mind, specializing and the specialist, determination, logic, understanding, discernment and discerning, knowledge-seeking, study, education and learning, evolution, stability, the ability to set limits, completion, refinement, stoicism, silence, perfection, dignity, rigor, and ahead of the times.

Angel Number 7777 also encourages you to look to study, investigation and researching topics that genuinely interest and resonate with you #QAnon Angel Number 777 brings a message from our angels that we are on the right path and living and serving your Divine life purpose. The Universe is happy with our progress and due to our positive efforts and hard work we have earned your rewards.

Number 3 relates to encouragement, assistance, communication, energy, growth, expansion, broadminded thinking, optimism, brave, non-confrontational, surprise, intelligence, manifestation. Number 3 symbolizes the principle of 'growth' and signifies that there is a synthesis present. Number 3 represents the principle of increase, expansion, growth and abundance on the physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual levels. Angel Number 333 encourages natural abilities and talents to be utilized for the good of all. Keep a positive attitude about yourself, others and the world in general in order to manifest peace, love and harmony. Have faith in humanity as a whole and the future of our world. 

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