Friday, 1 December 2017

Susan Rice, John Brennan, Samantha Power - UNLAWFUL UNMASKING in 2016

Video: Just Saw This, FBI, CIA, NSA SERVED WITH SUBPOENA, Draining The Swamp

Voice America - Published on Nov 29, 2017
I was very happy seeing this news, FBI, CIA and the NSA were served with Subpoenas, This is Draining The Swamp. Nice job Mr President, #MAGA. This is not new, but I feel you should see it.

Transcript notes:
  • The Marines are on a stand down right now
  • Orders to the Marines are: "Shut the fuck up"
  • The media has no idea this is going on - media black out on purpose
  • A few individuals heard/saw the helicopters going into the CIA Hq in Langley Virginia
  • "The party went well... now, shut the fuck up."
  • 4chan is on fire right now
  • Information is coming out everywhere
  • Betsy DeVose just made the Secretary of Education
  • Her brother is the one who started Blackwater - now "Academie"
  • Academie are the ones who are out hanging Saudi Arabian princes upside down
  • "It's time for it to stop" [the trafficking]
  • 2,400-5,000 Sealed Indictments are being talked about in chatter on the internet
  • It will probably be January before they start making information public that are in sealed endictments [personally, I think February - BronnyNZ]
  • The judge who threw up the road block re: Trump's orders on illegal immigration, and others like him, will possibly be the first to be indicted first
  • Sessions came out and grilled all of these judges for "ruling from the bench"
  • Bogus information is being allowed to go out
  • When leaks come out, the Trump administration will know exactly who the leakers are
  • Constitutional Judges will be the first to be taken out
  • Secondly, high level prosecutors
  • Next, some high level police - that is when shit is going to start hitting the fan

Some of the chatter on 4chan is starting to piece a lot of different information, eg:
  • Elon Musk. How did this guy get so damned rich?
  • Facebook. Zuckerburg. There's no way that he can't be to do with the CIA
  • Satanic pedophiles
See the video about the marines storming the CIA.

Also see the story about Keanu Reeves: He was at a mogul's house visiting one time where he found two dead babies in the fridge. Reeves popped the guy in the nose and the cops were called and the cops did nothing. Why was that? Because the cops are in on it.  Reeves is living overseas now.

Why would Reeves bring out this story?  There's no reason why he would, because his life is on the line now. Reeves is working on motorcycles in another country now.

The way to assist taking this cabal down is for people - individuals - you and me, to get the information out into the public. There are so many of us that the MSM can't keep hiding this information.

Main Stream Media is on the collapse. There are people in the MSM who will be in the Sealed Indictments.  All of these people are committing treason.  There are public officials violating their "Oath of Office".

Stuff on 4chan is getting crazy...  Keep asking questions...
  • Who created Facebook?  > Zuckerburg
  • Who really created Facebook? > the CIA

If you don't have the stomach for hearing about babies in a fridge now, you're in real shit... because the information that's coming is a lot worse than this.

North Korea - A CIA-run country
SpaceEx -  It's a big psyop
"Expand your thinking"  

[ btw. I don't believe the world is flat... otherwise we'd get solar eclipses like this > ]

  • Once the first Indictment is unsealed, the shit is going to hit the fan
  • It's going to be awesome

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