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THE SILENT REVOLUTION: USA media, Mass arrests, The Storm, QAnon, PREPARE !!

Who Is Steve Pieczenik? Clinton's Coup & FBI's Counter-Coup via Wikileaks & FOIA
Michael Trimm - Published on Nov 2, 2016

Who Is Steve Pieczenik?
Epstein Sends Bill Clinton $3.5M:
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by Anon

There is a quiet counter-coup afoot against the Deep State in the United States. This would be non-visible government actors, or visible government actors involved in crimes that were so endemic, in such a corrupted system, that they could rest assured the press would not focus on these crimes, and that nobody in a position to arrest them, would.

The revelations will appear - to those fed NPR and Salon - to be incredible. Do not be alarmed.

Trump is lawfully elected; so he cannot be performing a 'coup'. Many democrat heroes (and republican heroes as well) are, in fact, pedophiles, or guilty of high treason, and will be imprisoned or worse. The plan to wrest the US from corrupted institutions, including the MI-Complex that Eisenhower warned us about and which nobody disputes had a role in killing JFK, is 60 years old. Trump was *asked* to run, as an uncompromised outsider.

Incredible, right? The best way to approach this is to use this post as a stepping stone or primer for events down the pipeline. So, withhold judgment or disbelief.

I'm used to being attacked and - if this triggers you - that is not the intent. I don't even ask you to believe it; I want you to *have been told* this. I am not in the business of promulgating false information or being incorrect; the facts in this post are unassailable, even if they weren't on MSN or HuffingtonPost. The few conclusions I draw are well-founded. I knew Trump would win, and I know why Eric Schmidt recently stepped down. So, let's not make this about me, even if the things I say are upsetting to you.

This is not about Trump vs. the Establishment, or Trump supporters vs. the Establishment. This is about an Establishment that was so corrupt it could not be cleaned out except with a purge of criminals - many of which were known to the public and overlooked, and the *crimes* of which, like mass pedophilia and Ritual Satanic Abuse, were so egregious most people would not believe them. About 500,000 children go missing every year in the US. We have a child abduction epidemic. The incredible truth is that children are *money* to the pedophile elite. We have seen Hollywood, Hampstead, the Catholic Church, Dyncorp, Franklin, Second Mile major sex trafficking rings broken up. In the last year, another 20 or so major child trafficking rings were broken up, thousands rescued or arrested. Time to start questioning your news sources if you didn't know this.

Pedophilia is a crime of choice for global elites, because it can be used to blackmail, it provides certain delights, and the children are a kind of currency for people with all the riches of the world.

They are sick. For all intents and purposes, vampires run the earth. And Trump is taking them on. Again, incredible. And this is a little bit to swallow if you were hung up on him being 'sexist' for saying what women *let* rich men do, or 'racist' for wanting borders. Trump has warts, but next to most in DC, he's a Boy Scout. And if you don't believe that, you're not going to have a choice in probably less than 45 days. They told progressives the brash rich guy was going to destroy your life. No, he was going to destroy the vampires that feast on children and death and your labors; that's it and that's all. If you can read this whole post and not believe that very bad people run things, and that they're going to be taken to task, you are very, very special, and the future is going to hurt your mind - a lot.

The political Establishment was so corrupt and insulated from prosecution that people like George Carlin have made careers talking about how both parties were owned by elites and nothing we did mattered. We had given up.

Trump was not supposed to get elected. There's a lot of evidence the DHS tried to hack voting machines in multiple states, and that they did successfully penetrate and influence elections in 5 other states. Harvard released a study indicating that dead and illegal voters accounted for 5 million to 7 million democratic voters. None of this would be happening if Hillary had won. They were dismantling the United States, with both parties pretending not to know where the jobs Trump is bringing back, went, or why they left.

They lied. They used the press they own to lie to you. Virtually every mainstream news source has been infiltrated, and we will have something approaching the Nuremberg Trials in scope. The criminality was pervasive, even if you could pay your (50%) taxes and lived in relative peace. Had Hillary been elected, geopolitical experts the pattern of conflict would have continued. There were to be Syria no-fly zones; there were threats to Russia over the DNC fake 'PeeGate' and 70,000 Facebook ads, when in fact the democrats used the fake dossier to spy on Trump and influence the elections, after selling them uranium illegally.

We have mass corruption in office. We have corruption in federal law enforcement. We have corruption in the judiciary. We have corruption in the intelligence agencies. We have collusion between foreign banking interests and the average Congressperson or Senator leaves office with tens of millions of dollars more than they entered with. We saw the power of the state used to try to prevent Trump from taking office - out in the open.

They don't so attack Trump (95% negative coverage - come on; Bill Clinton was a rapist and pedophile who flew on the Lolita Express) because Trump is a boor, but because he is an *outsider* and because he is not a *pedophile* (is uncompromised). Trump is more like Blade or Batman than, really, anybody else. They're pulling kids out of dungeons. Sorry.

There may be civil unrest and martial law involved. China and Russia are aware of the arrests and the country is *safe*. If you like read this and peruse the sources I discuss. If I'm wrong about dramatic arrests or announcements, I will freely admit it. Already 50 banking and industrial CEOs have stepped down. 100 Hollywood figures have had their careers ended. Politicians are announcing - out of the blue - that they aren't running for office again. Many Establishment republicans went along with tax cuts they initially refused. Back-room deals are being cut for those guilty of peccadilloes.

You don't have to believe any of this; I am writing this for the benefit of progressives I know and love/like. Some very upsetting information will come out and this post is meant to provide some context.

The country will never be the same.



There is a lot of mounting evidence that Donald Trump intends to expropriate, arrest, try and sentence, many perennial bad actors in our government, and - indeed - inside global government.

We knew about 'interlocking boards' or 'conflicts of interest' in government and between government and corporations. So, the FDA Chief worked for Monsanto; or Dick Cheney was the former CEO of Haliburton. They knew that 80 years ago.

Regrettably, the method of catching a senator with a young girl, and Hoover saying, "We don't want to have to go public with this; can we expect your support on the upcoming vote, Senator?" - are over. A mistress isn't a political death anymore.

No - now it's ritual satanic abuse, raping and killing children. This actually serves a couple purposes. It compromises the politician, they can harvest something called 'adrenochrome' from the frightened child (from blood or other bodily fluids), and they can worship their god, Molech, or Baphomet, depending. Luciferian pedophiles run the international banking industry, and - through that amassed wealth - many of the elites in our government. The evidence for this is overwhelming, but if you're just now hearing about it, no links I can post would convince you.

Tools now exist to map these networks.


4Chan (online forum frequently used by information hunters and leakers) poster with 'Q' (Above Top Secret) clearance, who has come to be known as 'Q Anon', has been posting that an effort has been afoot - for some months now - to bring these people to justice. While Sessions appeared to be doing nothing, he has been, in fact, working with former NSA whistleblowers like Drake and Binney, and CIA agents like Robert David Steele and Steve Pieczenik, map a process and tools necessary to bring bad actors to justice for outstanding and unprosecuted crimes, including: The Oklahoma City Bombing, which was a false flag; 9/11, which was also a false flag, though the 'missing 28 pages' clearly link Saudi Royalty to the sponsorship of the hijackers; racketeering and treason by the last two administrations; the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (with government involvement confirmed in the recent National Archives dump).

They have been working with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to affect this counter-coup against the Deep State.

Steve Pieczenik is the co-founder of Delta Force, co-author of the Clancy Rainbow Six books, and helped defeat the Soviet Union with multiple PsyOps. He is an MD/Ph.D. from Yale/Cornell.

Many believe that 'Snow White' is Julian Assange (white hair), or Edward Snowden. Some believe that Mueller is the reference to the Godfather III, which features a character who double-crosses enemies of the family. Mueller's investigation will yield nothing that will implicate Trump. Instead, he appears to be buying time with non-critical indictments of people Trump only recently met (Manifort), or issuing process indictments (Flynn). Sorry. [not sure ?]

While Mueller being pro-Trump is not something I 100% believe, his investigation has only turned up a) Uranium One (where Podesta, Clinton and Obama conspired to sell 20% of the US enriched uranium to Russia, with Mueller's and Comey's approval), and b) that the phony 'PeeGate' dossier was known to be false and that the FBI and CIA conspired with the DNC, to commission it, pay for it, float it to the FISA Court, and use it to spy on a legally elected president with the attempt to oust him. This is a high crime - whether it's politically convenient to progressives, or not. We are, after all, a nation of laws, and this makes Watergate look like small peas.


Trump signed an Executive Order, based on sound legal precedent, that he's going to seize assets of people guilty of serious 'human rights abuses'. He declared this situation (child and sex trafficking) a 'state of emergency'.

You didn't hear this on CNN.

There are currently 9,000 sealed indictments in the US, which have been growing since September. In any given year, there are maybe 1,000. This means, for 9x that number in 1/4 the time, we're at roughly 40x the sealed indictment rate.

Politicians are announcing they won't run for re-election.

Politicians are stepping down.

The sex scandals are not an accident. Trump has been dug-in to both political and entertainment circles for 50 years; many people were asked to come forward and reveal Hollywood and DC as hypocrites. Trump may say crude things, that one time (which, honestly, he has denied, and I have software on my PC that can make ME sound like YOU), but next to Franken or Conyers, it's small peas.

They appear to be using PsyOp experts to 'warm up' the unawake public. Those of us who knew 9/11 was a crime perpetrated by the Deep State, or that the CIA and HW Bush and LBJ killed JFK, were already awake, and angry about these crimes.

Politicians have been seen wearing orthopedic 'boots' (which conveniently cover up scanner-tripping geo-tracking devices).

There have been masses of pedophile arrests; these work in networks, which - if compromised - make identifying others involved (including elites) rather easy. Easy to indict. Slam dunk cases. Go to the homes and find buried bodies or acid baths (sorry - that's what we're dealing with).

We have abundant evidence of high crimes against the state that have gone unprosecuted for *decades*. There's no statute of limitations on murder - and the FBI just told us that the CIA conspired to kill JFK. Mueller helped cover up 9/11, which nobody believes at this point. Survivors of American families have the green light to sue Saudi Arabia, which just had a purge itself, following a visit from the president. We have the Clintons selling missile technology to China. We have the CIA giving NK technology. We have the Clintons doing pay-for-play with several hostile nations, including lifting weapons bans for donations to Clinton Foundation. We have the State Department missing emails (which was actually an intelligence 'drop box'. We have the Awan Brothers, given access to hundreds of Congressional email boxes, working after being compromised, with fake identifications. We have the death of Seth Rich, the likely DNC leaker. We have the FBI colluding with the DNC to create the Steele dossier and use that to involve the FISA Court to get a fake warrant. We have the deaths of not just Seth Rich, but Michael Hastings, Tom Clancy, Andrew Breitbart, and Antonin Scalia. We have Fast & Furious, or exporting guns to implicate the 2nd Amendment, and also pass them onto Libya. We have the Benghazi cover up, and Ambassador Stevens, who knew about the gun-running to create ISIL, and the persistent rumor that that was an assassination effort (13 hour stand-down). We have the Oklahoma City contractor, Cody Snodgrass, announcing that he turned down the contract to blow up the Murrah Building in 1995.

We have the Obama adminstration trying to split hairs and funding 'moderate rebels', when it's actually ISIS; that's why they were defeated in 10 months under Trump, but grew from 2 countries when Obama took office, to 23 when he left. We have new proof Obama allowed Hezbollah to sell drugs and cocaine in the United States. We have evidence - from Sy Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize winner - that we were *aiding ISIS* and not fighting them. These facts may be triggering, but if you haven't done the legwork, of course you're not going to believe it.

We have a system that used 'brownstoning' (pedophilia pictures/video) to compromise many in DC and in industry to have stealth control over the affairs of state. A CIA whistleblower recently said that Council on Foreign Relations (Dulles, Bushes) created the CIA, and - clearly - they do the bidding of the international banking elite, including the House of Rothschild, Saud, and Soros (all worth at least a trillion dollars - so forget about Fortune Magazine and 'Jeff Bezos' being the richest).

These people will be rounded up and brought to Camp David and Gitmo for military tribunals. There are 9.000+ sealed indictments. Many will be locked away; some will likely be executed.

But this video is correct - when these arrests happen, it will cause MASSIVE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE for many people not already woke, or suffering from white guilt (a form or racism itself) and Trump Derangement Syndrome.


The Q Anon poster has posted photos of the president, on AF1, looking at 4Chan on a big screen. Photos on AF1 that correlate with the President's itinerary. The president has linked to Twitter pages that showcase the 'The Storm' and 'Follow The White Rabbit'. The '+++' signs and time stamps for Q 4Chan posts correspond with Trump's messages, as do catch phrases, like 'Special Place'. These signals appeared on 4Chan before Trump Tweeted them. The military language Q uses has been verified.

Q predicted the upheaval in Saudi Arabia, including Prince Bandar and Alwalahi Bin Talal being deposed. These people funded 9/11 and Obama's Harvard degree. This is not in dispute. The new Crown Prince has been told the corruption stops. Buying American politicians stops. In exchange for the purge in Saudi Arabia, the US invites Saudi Arabia to put their oil in the NYSE. We have the military power to destroy this country many times over, and 9/11 was an effort between Saudi Arabia and Israel, working with our Deep State, to destabilize the Middle East. In 16 years, we have deposed several stable, secular, Muslim nations, and installed radicals; this includes Iraq, Libya, efforts in Syria, and the 'Arab Spring' nations. The idea was to enrich our MI-Complex, use the manufactured threat to justify the Patriot Act domestically, and eventually destabilize Europe with Wahhabi/Sunni populations, which do not assimilate like your Iranian Shia Muslim doctor and his family. Not all Islamic sects are the same, and we *well* knew what we were doing.

People who go to war for profit also rape children and topple whole regions. You don't have to believe any of this, but I am educated and this is posted for your benefit, based on thousands of data points. Maybe hundreds of thousands, honestly. It's THE TRUTH.


The video posted below is important because it plainly points out how disruptive this will be for people who don't know there *is* a Deep State, or that Hillary flew on Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express and has raped children, or that 9/11 was an inside job. They are - progressives - largely convinced that this is a left-right struggle, between democrats and republicans, like a football game.

Many in government - in both parties - were compromised. Our media was compromised through Operation Mockingbird after the JFK assassination; the CIA infiltrated mainstream media (largely owned by 3 or 4 globalist holding companies). So, MSN, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, aren't going to touch this.

The 'Fake News' is - quite often - real news. CNN is weaponized information.

"You're going to go to your parents, and explain what was happening, and they're just not going to believe this shit."

"It's a new paradigm, and we're never going to be the same. And I hope you understand that."


It's important to see this not as republican vs. democrat. This is about criminals who were protected. When Comey admits Hillary committed multiple crimes (secret server, lying about it, removing classified designations, perjuring herself, destroying evidence, wiping drives), hoping she gets elected, you have a problem. When Loretta Lynch meets Bill Clinton on the tarmac, same thing. When the CIA hacks the Hawaii department of records to construct a birth certificate from Joanna Ah'Nee, and he goes to war at their urging, it's back-scratching. There are hundreds of examples of this, and Americans who are not guilty they are white, or who aren't racist but want borders, are done with it. And they elected Donald Trump to do just this - however you feel about the TPP, or his Tweeting, the 10,000 kids rescued in pedophile dungeons are more important.

And when you add up all the pedophile busts, that's what we have. The Clinton Foundation appears to be a child trafficking ring; deeply tied to Saudi Money (20% of Hillary's campaign contributions came from SA), where 3,000 children were rescued in the recent purge of the corrupted princes.

Believe this. Don't. Hate me. Or not. This is not gloating. This is a sad reality to face, but the country is about to change in a big way. It's already changed (sex abuse cases going public, politicians and CEO's stepping down, arrests). Do your own research.

You have to willfully go down rabbit holes to even know this stuff; it's not reported on CNN. The Mainstream News is the ultimate Fake News; it's owned by elites. That is all about to change. And when you learn what these elites were up to, it's going to hurt your heart and shock you. But know there were many people, including the president, and including millions like me, who pushed to make this happen.

We're going to have a real country again. We're going to have real elections and real presidents again. The press will be smacked down and citizen-journalism will continue to rise to the fore. We're not going to wars to rescue people we destroy, any more. We're going to audit the Department of Defense. We're going to release all the documents. We're going to audit the Federal Reserve. We're going to, basically, blow up the Deep Star (Death Star).

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