Saturday, 2 December 2017

Swedish government: MILK IS RACIST !! ... And the diving "OK" sign is RACIST !!

Sweden Says Milk is Hate Symbol

Published on Dec 2, 2017
Yeah, they seem very competent...NOT

BronnyNZ replies: Lol! It's lovely to see you laughing Peter! Yes... Totally ridiculous. I loved as well that you added a milk finale coupled with "WP". Lmao !!  You've now given me an idea for public milk-drinking... My idea includes drinking chocolate milk !!  Hahahaha !!!  What will the leftists make of that !! ??

Please see Peter's other excellent videos on his YouTube channels. See his video on the bombings that happened in Sweden over October-November 2017 >

SWEDEN UNDER ATTACK !! 7 BOMBS IN 12 days! Now > 11 bombs in 21 days!

Video:  Interviewing A Victim of Multiculturalism

Angry Foreigner
Published on Dec 2, 2017

Interview with a rape victim who went from being the leftist social justice type, to a voter on the far-right party. In this podcast we discuss what might make a rape victim want to convert to Islam, the type of hateful comments she's been getting from both the alt-right and the far left, and the weird ways it has affected her relations to politically correct friends and family. As well as the impact it's had on her overall. We also talk about rapist mentality and things many people find unusual about her attack. Social 3state runs a youtube channel where she talks about her assault by a migrant, the reactions she's gotten, and how it's affected her political views. The reason she's anonymous is because even as a victim she's afraid of being fired for ”racism”. Do check out her channel, it has many interesting videos where she expands on all these issues we discussed: 

And feel free to throw her some money on Patreon: 
Enjoy. List of sources can be found here:

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