Tuesday, 26 December 2017

'Twas the STORM before Christmas" ... A happy Q Christmas everyone!

Twas the Storm before Christmas
Author unknown (2017)
Twas the Storm before Christmas,
When all through the "House,"
All the Puppets were nervous...
(We followed their spouse!!) 

The indictments were sealed and counted with care,
In hopes ALL "bad actors" names would be there.
The Autists all digging and checking Q's threads,
As bakers were diligently baking new breads! 

I went back to 8chan to reread the Map...
I'd just made a new link from this epic screen cap,
When suddenly Trump made a new post on Twitter!
In fact, there were THREE tweets, and he sounded bitter... 

He spoke of McCabe and his wife's campaign stash,
The Clintons' had given them HUGE piles of cash!
No doubt in our minds it was all "quid pro quo,"
And that "leakin' James Comey" was all "in the know!" 

When, what to my expanding eyes should appear... 
But a brand new Q post! And he was sincere! 
He mentioned the :OWLS: - They have to GO quick! 
"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" "These people are SICK!" 

More rapid than "Eagles," his breadcrumbs they came... 
He'd given us acronyms for all their names: 
Now Schumer! Now Soros! Now Hussein and Franken! 
Get Clinton! Get Rothschild! These people are BANKIN'!! 

Their weird need for symbols will be their downfall... 
Now bombs away! Bombs away! Bombs away ALL!!! 
With stringers so cryptic, the Rothschilds must fly! 
We sacrificed Green, when they fell from the sky... 

So back to the Q Maps, the Autists they flew. 
The future's confirmed by the past crumbs of Q! 
And we knew in that moment: This wasn't a spoof... 
This Q is LEGIT, he's telling the truth! 

As our minds were all blown, the memes flying around, 
Q told us told us to PRAY, and to stop fucking around!!! 
'Cause this ISN'T A GAME, there's EVIL afoot! 
And we need ALL your weaponized autist input! 

More red pills were dropped each time he came back, 
And we all took to Twitter for the normie attack! 
Our thinking expanded! Our eyes - they grew bleary. 
We stayed up all night. Yet we never grew weary!

The Storm had arrived! And they needed to know... "
These people are stupid!" They ALL have to GO!!! 
The "Owls and the Y heads" have young blood on their teeth, 
And it's time that our government turns a new leaf!

Trump's President now! But "they" call him a bully? 
His love for our land, they don't understand fully... 
And he wants to praise God, and to bring back our wealth! 
How I wish those Libs could see this for themselves...

Off to Twitter I go, to share what Q said! 
THE STORM IS HERE, and there's nothing to dread! 
You MUST know the truth! It's time to get WOKE! 
God... if only you KNEW of the things Q has spoke!

This hole is SO deep, but the Patriots know... 
Their END is in sight! (((They))) will reap what they sow! 
So join in our fight, and help blow the whistle! 
We're so SICK of this "Eye of Ra" SHIT in their missile??!!

Then Q made a post, as the darkness did fall...



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