Friday, 1 December 2017

600,000 children trafficked every year USA. MSM SILENT !! #SatanicRitualAbuse

Published November 30, 2017
Net4Truth USA
  • There are over 4200 sealed indictments sitting in 94 Federal Courts
  • The contents are unavailable - Who and what is not known because these indictments are sealed
  • I was an undercover police officer in 1972. I busted six people trafficking narcotics. They were handed a life sentence
  • This trafficking of children is all to do with Satanic ritual abuse
  • The Centre for Missing and Exploited Children has been used as a front for child trafficking
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton rushed to the assistance of Laura Silsby when she got caught trying to traffick 30 children after the Haiti earthquake

Published November 30, 2017
Net4Truth USA

  • Digital photos of your children are being taken at school
  • You need to be concerned
  • Be careful when you ask your children who is taking their picture
  • Set up some recording equipment to capture what is being said by the child

Note: don't ask "leading questions" such as "Is Mr D taking photos of the children?" Ask instead, "Is there somebody at your school who is taking photos of you and the other children? Who is that?" Ie: Ask a simple question and let the child answer - you are not to fill in the gaps to their answers. Do not ask "closed questions" that supply answers they can simply agree with. They must provide the information themselves.

Video: Cov fe'fe With Dave #210 - School photos sent on Dark Web says anon N.Y. LEO source
Published November 30, 2017
Net4Truth USA

Reliable source in N.Y. Law Enforcement says photos of school children are sent to Saudi Arabians over Dark Web trafficking sites. Source is historically 100% reliable.

MY CREDIBILITY: I broke the story on Phoenix Sky Harbor Audio Recording of Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the plane first on November 15, 2016. If you haven't seen my videos on the "Anonymous" letter alleging the recording, see the following. 

My previous videos are here in chronological (old to new) order: 
The RECORDING DOES EXIST - NSA confirmed & classified it: 

- A new theory NSA will not release the recording 

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