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SATURDAY DEC 30, 2017 RADIO SHOW 6pm STEVE MOTLEY. Don't miss this one!

Retired Marine - QAnon Helps Millions Wake Up to Truth in 2017! - 12/30/2017

LATE NOTIFICATION - SATURDAY Dec 30, 2017: 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern Blog Talk Radio.  

Patriots Next Door. It will be a 3 hour radio show. Steve will be covering Q and many other interesting subjects. The show is on in 1 hours' time, here >

Steve talks for a little while at around the 1:30 mark. I must say that i'm very disappointed in this show so far. It is not what Steve suggested that it would be on his video that he made yesterday  :(  Let's see if he starts talking about Q in the second half of the show.

Steve's video:  Retired Marine - QAnon Helps Millions Wake Up to Truth in 2017! - 12/30/2017

Ok. Start at 1:40:00  At last a caller got through who's asking questions of interest to the Q information.  Oh dear... and now they're not even answering the caller's question. The host has gone right back to baby steps with this caller who clearly knows what he is talking about. Very patronizing.  #Disappointed. 

At last Steve is invited in at 1:45:00 and has given him 6:00 minutes to talk. Good grief...  I'm really disappointed now... and quite DISGUSTED with this show host! 

Dreadful  😑 

Steve is such a crdit to himself. Listen to the way he grabs that ball and runs with it after 1:45:00 - THAT is why people like him. He's an excellent communicator. I don't think BP realizes who he has on his show. Oh well... what can you do?

The conversation picks up in the last hour. Please recommend to your friends to start listening from the last hour. This is not what I was expecting at all. My apologies to the 300 people who have come to read this blog post, tune in to the radio show, and received very little in return - particularly myself who has devoted 6 hours to this show today - writing this article, promoting it all around social media, and spending the last 3 hours listening to the show (in the background), waiting for amazing information to come out  #Bread  It didn't.

Really?  Is this how I have spent my December 31, 2017 - New Year's Eve - here in New Zealand? 

#DeeplyDisappointed - And my apologies for dragging you here to this article. Being the last day of the year #Fireworks I was really looking forward to Steve's insider view of what might be going on inside the Guantanamo Bay detention centre right now as they prepare for their "high profile detainees", from a military point of view. And what did we get? - Nothing. Nada. Zip. #Gutted

You dropped the ball Steve. More communication was needed between yourself and BP to let him know the importance of what today is, in Q Post terms - #Fireworks

The rest of this post relates to what I thought this radio show would be. What follows may or may not apply.

This radio show is going to be very accessible to #Normies. I know it's very late notice, but please get your elder family members onto this show with Steve TONIGHT! #Veterans will most particularly relate to Steve.

Steve is an ex-Marines Major. He's got a lot of insider information in terms of knowing who and what the Marines are, chain of command, the relationship of the Marines to POTUS #CommanderInChief  - He has an over all view of the world (he's travelled everywhere) and he knows insider things that have historically happened in these places. He also knows what the processes are that are likely to be happening right now in relation to these military arrests of the elite cabal members > #GuantanamoBay in full preparation right now!

#Fireworks - Q (New Year?) > multiple meanings undoubtedly which is common with Q.  

Major Steve has just proclaimed David Seaman of Fulcrum News to be an honorary Marine! - for his brave and tenacious efforts for this last year, his courage and for taking all the crap while he covered #Pizzagate in 2016-2017. There are also mentions of:  #RoyPotter #BPEarthwatch #TracyBeanz

"We are destroying the control and command 
elements of the globalists." - Lt Col Roy Potter

"We are winning." - Major Steve Motley @ Steve Motley #44444

_ _ _

Details on Steve's video description

Steve Motley - Published on Dec 29, 2017

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David Seaman - Donald Trump's Phenomenal First Year: Better Than Hillary's Nuclear Hellscape

Jordan Sather - Basics of the #QAnon Phenomenon

BPEarthWatch - Breaking/Hillary's Classified Emails/Wiener Laptop

BPEarthWatch - South Korea Takes Chinese Ship/Trump

BPEarthWatch - BREAKING. 2800 Huma/Weiner Emails Released

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