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Trump is playing 4D chess ."CHECK MATE": DNC, GOP, MSM, Fusion GPS, Podesta

Twitter source says:

The Storm Part 1: It's Mueller Time - Not What You've Been Told

Published on Nov 5, 2017

Transcript on Thread ReaderTwitter thread penned by Stealth Jeff@drawandstrike  October 31, 2017
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1) After a brief period of shock in which they asked themselves "Why did Trump just hire one of the dirtiest, most corrupt people in DC..."

2) " be, of all things, his campaign manager?!" Democrats, swamp dwellers and DNC Media quickly decided they'd use this against Trump.

3) Manafort was bait. I'm convinces Kushner was actually running this thing behind the scenes.

4) Jared Kushner was the real campaign manager so Trump put a lightening rod out front to catch all the heat.

5) And this was true even after Manafort left the campaign after three months and @KellyannePolls took over the job of front person.

6) Kelly Anne did a fantastic job of handling the media and PR, allowing Kushner the freedom to work in deep background on actual strategy.

7) It should be obvious at this point why Trump hired one of the people well known to be neck deep in DC's corrupt lobbying networks.

8) DNC Media has to fight really hard not to see it because it absolutely destroys their view of Trump an the real team around him.

9) I don't mean the people he puts out there as fronts, to be lightening rods and do the hatchet work like @Scaramucci.

10) Don't misunderstand. Manafort was a patsy. @Scaramucci was not. Scaramucci knew what role he was being asked to play.

11) I don't think Manafort knew he was being used as a patsy to facilitate cover in a forthcoming deep dive by FBI into DC's illegal lobbies

12) Manafort pleading not guilty means he's likely not taking a deal and he thinks the DC lobby network can fight off this takedown.

13) Somebody game planned well in advance. "Say we win. Biggest thing we need to do in DC first term: take down these lobbying networks."

14) "How do we do it without instantly alerting every single one of these lobbying groups doing this illegal stuff that we're coming for them?"

15) And the answer is, you make them think all of them are safe because it's the Presiden't own team that's being investigated, not them.

16) See, it's just Trump and Manafort that in trouble. So Democrats, DNC Media, swamp dwellers relax, watch the fun for the last 8 months.

17) If DNC Media, Democrats, GOPs, Fusion GPS, Podesta and all these others doing illegal lobbying and bribery for foreign powers had known

18) Where Mueller's investigation was actually going to go, they'd have unleashed the dogs of war long ago to stop this well before now.

19) The moment they realized this was going straight to the heart of their illegal lobbying networks, their political comms shops, all of it

20) they'd have blown the war horn and marshaled the troops and mobilized their media/political army to neutralize the investigation.

21) But they were paralysed by one of the most brilliant disinformation campaigns ever launched.

22) People bought cover stories about a Trump White House under investigation, in complete chaos, being hounded by the Department of Justice and the FBI.

23) And the entire time the DNC Media, GOPs and the swamp sat on it's ass watching in glee as the kabuki theater went on in front of them?

24) Trump and Stealth Jeff and Honest Bob were crossing all those t's and dotting all those i's on #UraniumOne and #FusionGPS.

25) Mueller's had 8 months to work in peace because all these corrupticrats and swamp dwellers had no idea what he was really doing.

26) And now it's too late. Bob followed the money. He knows who got what, how much, and from who.

Game's already over.

27) What makes this even more awesome is a lot of the legwork on UraniumOne, in mapping out that bribery network was already done long ago.

28) See, hardworking, dedicated, patriotic FBI agents had traced the millions in Russian bribery dollars to US officials and businessmen by 2011.

29) They knew exactly who got what and how much and from who and what deals were done/not done in exchange for that dirty dollars.

30) And then they were told to drop it.

31) Turns out to many DC power players were involved in these dirty lobbying and bribery networks. On both sides. "This can't be exposed."

32) So the case was ended, one guy the Russian money handler, Mikerin, was convicted on a far lesser charge, and....that was it.

The end!

33) All those traitors who took dirty Russian bribes to change our nat'l security policy walked.
All of them.

34) This is one of the biggest dirty secrets in Washington. People know who took bribes from foreign countries to shape our US policy....

35) And nothing was done to stop it.

The system was too dirty, too corrupted, and nothing could be done to change it.
And then....

(36)  ... A miracle happened.

37) Somebody who knew how DC worked, and yet was still an outsider got elected President of the United States.

38) And he and the team of people around him crafted a strategy for taking on the swamp and draining it. And it's going to work.

39) Now that people know what Trump and Co. are actually doing, the howls of outrage from Democrats, DNC Media, GOPs and the swamp is loud.

40) "But Trump!" the GOP s will wail "You can't DO this! You'll sweep our own people too!"
Trump: "Yeah? So? I don't see the problem here."

41) As these indictments unfold, remember: Trump hired one of the dirtiest people in DC to be his fake campaign manager.

42) And then canned him after three months. 

Trump has also surrounded himself not with CIA intel types, but military spooks.

43) Democrats and the DNC Media and those DC "swamp things" may never fully figure out what really happened in the last year.

44) But that's OK. What matters is that they can't stop what's going to happen now over the next year.


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