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USA Congress (R) & (D) BAIL-BAAL from Satanist-busting Trump administration


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Published on Dec 6, 2017

List of U.S. Congress incumbents who are not running for re-election in 2018 - source BallotPedia

This page lists the incumbent members of the 115th U.S. Congress who are not running for re-election in the 2018 Congressional elections (both U.S. Senate and U.S. House).

U.S. Senate members

  • Democratic Party 0 Democrats
  • Republican Party 2 Republicans
Name:Party:Current office:
Bob CorkerEnds.png RepublicanTennessee
Jeff FlakeEnds.png RepublicanArizona

U.S. House members

As of December 8, 2017, a total of 37 representatives will not seek re-election to their U.S. House districts.
Party breakdown:
Democratic Party 13 Democratic members of the U.S. House
Republican Party 24 Republican members of the U.S. House

Incumbents retiring from public office

  • Democratic Party 6 Democrats
  • Republican Party 14 Republicans
Name:Party:Current office:
Bob GoodlatteEnds.png RepublicanVirginia, District 6
Carol Shea-PorterElectiondot.png DemocraticNew Hampshire, District 1
Charles W. DentEnds.png RepublicanPennsylvania, District 15
Dave ReichertEnds.png RepublicanWashington, District 8
David TrottEnds.png RepublicanMichigan, District 11
Frank LoBiondoEnds.png RepublicanNew Jersey, District 2
Gene GreenElectiondot.png DemocraticTexas, District 29
Ileana Ros-LehtinenEnds.png RepublicanFlorida, District 27
Jeb HensarlingEnds.png RepublicanTexas, District 5
Joe BartonEnds.png RepublicanTexas, District 6
John DelaneyElectiondot.png DemocraticMaryland, District 6
John J. Duncan, Jr.Ends.png RepublicanTennessee, District 2
Lamar SmithEnds.png RepublicanTexas, District 21
Luis V. GutierrezElectiondot.png DemocraticIllinois, District 4
Lynn JenkinsEnds.png RepublicanKansas, District 2
Niki TsongasElectiondot.png DemocraticMassachusetts, District 3
Patrick J. TiberiEnds.png RepublicanOhio, District 12
Sam JohnsonEnds.png RepublicanTexas, District 3
Sandy LevinElectiondot.png DemocraticMichigan, District 9
Ted PoeEnds.png RepublicanTexas, District 2

Incumbents seeking other offices

U.S. House members seeking a seat in the U.S. Senate

Democratic Party 3 Democrats
Republican Party 5 Republicans
Name:Party:Current office:
Beto O'RourkeElectiondot.png DemocraticTexas, District 16
Evan JenkinsEnds.png RepublicanWest Virginia, District 3
Jacky RosenElectiondot.png DemocraticNevada, District 3
Kyrsten SinemaElectiondot.png DemocraticArizona, District 9
Lou BarlettaEnds.png RepublicanPennsylvania, District 11
Luke MesserEnds.png RepublicanIndiana, District 6
Marsha BlackburnEnds.png RepublicanTennessee, District 7
Todd RokitaEnds.png RepublicanIndiana, District 4

U.S. House members running for governor

Democratic Party 4 Democrats
Republican Party 5 Republicans
Name:Party:Current office:
Colleen HanabusaElectiondot.png DemocraticHawaii, District 1
Diane BlackEnds.png RepublicanTennessee, District 6
Jared PolisElectiondot.png DemocraticColorado, District 2
James B. RenacciEnds.png RepublicanOhio, District 16
Kristi L. NoemEnds.png RepublicanSouth Dakota, At-Large District
Michelle Lujan GrishamElectiondot.png DemocraticNew Mexico, District 1
Raul R. LabradorEnds.png RepublicanIdaho, District 1
Steve PearceEnds.png RepublicanNew Mexico, District 2
Tim WalzElectiondot.png DemocraticMinnesota, District 1

Congressional incumbents who left office early or have announced upcoming resignations

Name:Party:Most recent office:
Al FrankenElectiondot.png DemocraticU.S. Senate, Minnesota
Jason ChaffetzEnds.png RepublicanU.S. House, Utah, District 3
Jeff SessionsEnds.png RepublicanU.S. Attorney General
John Conyers, Jr.Electiondot.png DemocraticU.S. House, Michigan, District 13
Michael "Mick" MulvaneyEnds.png RepublicanDirector of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget
Mike PompeoEnds.png RepublicanDirector of the CIA
Ryan ZinkeEnds.png RepublicanU.S. Secretary of the Interior
Tim MurphyEnds.png RepublicanU.S. House, Pennsylvania, District 18
Tom PriceEnds.png RepublicanFormer Secretary of Health and Human Services
Trent FranksEnds.png RepublicanU.S. House, Arizona, District 8
Xavier BecerraElectiondot.png DemocraticAttorney General of California

Source - BallotPedia

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