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FBI agent says: USA Satanic ritual abuse happening right now - May 2017

Video: Former CIA Kevin Shipp... Satanic Pedophilia Exposed... WARNING
United Intentions Foundation
Published on May 5, 2017
There have been several documented cases of pedophilia from high ranking officials tied to occult and satanic cults. Tim Ray speaks with retired CIA agent Kevin Shipp on the details of what is really going on and how we can prevent these evil forces from gaining strength. Please share this with everyone you love! Visit our website for more life-changing information:

Transcript notes

SRA - Satanic ritual abuse

  • It's been around for 1000s of years
  • Old Testament, Aztecs and Mayans are well known to sacrifice their first born
  • How do you define SRA with children?
  • What were your first exposures to SRA?

I was a Federal law inforcement officer 
  • We were trained in this (back then). There are now specialist teams who handle it. 
  • There was a lot of it around [in the 80s or 90s?]
  • The aim is to control the victim's mind - thoughts and actions
  •  Achieved by molesting children when they are younger
  • The victims are then able to be controlled for the rest of their lives
  • The children end up with split personalities
  • The international pedophile ring is doing this
  • Most people can't get their minds around this

Disappearances of children
  • In the USA there are 2000 children disappearing every day
  • 1,500 of these abductions show no trail whatsoever

MK Ultra
  • Was allegedly disbanded in 1973
  • I didn't see any of that in my tour of the CIA
  • That's not to say it's not still in operation

Lessons from the Polygraph Institute
  • Between the ages of 1-6 or 1-8 this is when the human mind is in the most important stages of development
  • If a child is affected and damaged physically, mentally through torture, they are damaged for life
  • The child will be receiving councelling for decades

National Parks
  • People and children go disappearing all the time
  • No records are kept about these disappearances
  • The cost of keeping records is not that great
  • Therefore, it must be assumed 

The Franklin Scandal
  • These activities went all the way to Washington DC
  • Larry King ran a Satanic pedophile network out of a childcare centre
  • Larry King got out of prison in 2001

Which children?
  • Children who are alone and vulnerable
  • The weak and helpless
  • Children without parents for some reason or another, eg: Haiti

Pedophilia families
  • It's not uncommon for children to be trafficked into pedophilia families
  • The news media covers for this happening
  • The whistleblowers are discredited by the colluding media

Satanists and Luciferians
  • There's a whole new Luciferian movement going on right now
  • Michael Aquino - check out those cases
  • They choose Lucifer who they believe is light
  • They believe they take the child's energy or soul and want to absorb it into themselves
  • It goes all the way back to Molech which is a demonic god in the Old Testament - Isis in the Egyptian
  • This is their belief - that they're absorbing energy from these children
  • In the Podesta emails, there are bizarre references in there

The 21st century vampire - demon possessed humans
  • I have seen people who are fully demon possessed
  • They're out there wearing business suits
  • The name of Jesus makes these people scream
  • I've seen this to do with pedophilia
  • It's absolutely real
  • There are powers of darkness out there
  • There's a few high level politicians
  • Read people's eyes and body movements
  • The eyes are the windows to the soul
  • Listen to what they say
  • Observe the dark things they support
  • I've seen demon-possessed people coming out with raspy voices

The road to stardom
  • How do these Satanic rings start among the celebrities?
  • How do these people become involved?
  • Yes, these things are practiced among the Hollywood elites. eg:
  • Katy Perry - formerly a gospel singer. Look at Katy Perry now with Satanic themes all through her music and performances
  • Lady Gaga - on stage drinking blood (pretend blood?) out of hearts and so on
  • For the new people coming in, they must cross that line
  • The "one eye" is all through Hollywood
  • So is the triangle symbol with the hands
  • Madonna is overtly representing Satanism
  • People are like sheep to the slaughter
  • It is mass deception
  • When you step back and look at what's being done on stage, it's shocking.
  • And yet the Main Stream Media is promoting this stuff

What circumstantial evidence is there for the Deep State being involved in child sex trafficking and Satanic rituals? - and - What can we do to create a more positive future?
  • We can't put our head in the sand
  • These are little kids suffering these horrific things
  • We are duty-bound to look at it and address this, ie: do something > from sharing this information on Social Media right through to getting involved with "Vets4Kids"

Why can't the FBI-CIA touch these Satanic-pedophile elites?
  1. These agencies don't see these things as their mission
  2. Suppression of the information
  • Elected officials are involved in these activities
  • Jeffrey Epstein - some people think he's a Mossad agent
  • Epstein's private jet is a flying sex party venue
  • Bill Clinton and other well-known people went on Epstein's "Lolita Express"
  • He's never been properly sentenced
  • He was out in 12 months after his light sentencing

How is the entrapment performed?
  • The congressmen are plied with alcohol and drugs 
  • They are put in compromising sexual positions with underage children and young people
  • They are then forever at the behest of the entrapper
  • It's a blackmail racket

Support Ben Swan
  • He's been demoted and ostracized
  • In "The Art of War" the best strategy is to go dark
  • John Podesta's emails are absolutely true and correct
  • Ben Swan is right - there has been no investigation by DC police
  • Satanic mind control blames the opponent for doing what the Satanists are doing, eg: "Russia collusion" re: Trump, and yet all the time the DNC and both Clintons are hiding Uranium One. Please note the date on this video.

Dutch banker Ronald Bernard
  • He was asked to sacrifice a child at a party
  • This is severe... This is an annihilating force that hates life
  • The mechanism used is "divide and conquer"
  • What is the entity? Is it Molech?
  • Fear is the biggest thing... If you can put somebody under fear, you have them in your control
  • This dark power rules by fear
  • Man was created in the image of God
  • This dark power hates God
  • Therefore, Satan hates man because of our likeness to God
  • Satan and Satanists particularly hate children who are the epitomy of life-force

How do we overcome this "shadow of darkness"?
  • When you walk into a dark room and you turn on the light, where does the darkness go?
  • I am literally still alive today comes from my faith, since I came out [as a Christian] in 2012
  • In true faith of living in and loving God, people can have true effect against these Satanists

What can be done on the political level to end these horrors?
  • It's not only in the political sphere, but bankers are practicing these things, corporates, [priests]
  • Prayer is the most powerful force in my point of view - that is the ultimate solution
  • When two or more people come together in powerful intention, the energy to change things is the most powerful thing to use
  • When you feel a little twinge of fear, understand what that is... It's coming from the power of darkness. That fear is the single most powerful weapon these Satanists use to shut you up. 
  • You shutting up enables these Satanists to continue to do their evil-doings
  • The antidote to fear is bravery, ie: Feel the fear and open up your mouth anyway

When you arrive at that determining point in your life (a cross-roads) what do you need to do?
  • The decision to follow the light and to reject the darkness is the most single important decision you are ever going to make in life
  • Choose light
  • Real wealth is found in the experience of peace
  • The things we accumulate and experience in this life is temporary
  • You need to make a decision FOR God - his-her grace, his-her love and his-her light
  • You need to decide you are in the service to Creator and that you are never going to turn back

Light and Love is the way back from Desecration

Be connected to Source once again

Concluding prayer: There is no sin too great... 

If you currently live in darkness, your whole life can be turned around

Dear God: Expose this Fear Entity for what it is...

Bring people out of this horror and deception.

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