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Introduction to Q Posts and QAnon. Join us on the QAnon Facebook group.

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The primary material this group is referring to is the QAnon QClearance posts that began to be posted on a forum called "4chan" on October 29, 2017 >

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QAnon is very, very close to the Trump team. It is speculated that Q is a military intelligence team who possibly knows even more than President Trump does. Q Clearance is a security code that is very high. The people with Q Clearance have all the dots, eg: from all surveillance agencies including the FBI, CIA, NSA and from international security agencies as well, eg: they know what's going on inside Saudi Arabia and North Korea. Q has absolute accuracy on all places, histories, people/individuals - "bad actors", current events > politics, scandals, blackmails, money laundering, child trafficking, etc, etc.

Q aka the Q Team knows exactly what's going on, but right now, Q's information can't go out to "normies" - because when you're so stuck in The Matrix and you're being a very good compliant little debt slave, none of this would compute. Very little of what Q is presenting would make any sense at all to those people...  So the "dropping" of information, aka dropping "breadcrumbs" to the people (us) who already have a foot out of The Matrix is currently the best way to start waking the rest of humanity up.

WE are the KEY !!  #QCode

The KEY is US !!!  ... Ie: the KEY is our efforts in telling the world. It is vital that WE who come into the awareness of this information first, start to share it. This is really important folks... This is the most powerful thing you can do right now >>  SHARE !!

The KEY is also military intelligence, and POTUS (president of the united states)

See 59:40 on this video re: the KEY and the KEYSTONE >

All of Q's predictions to date are coming true. The timing might be a little different than what he/they said, but the predictions Q continues to make, continues to unfold. Note: We are NOT seeing these predictions outworking on the MSM or "legitimate" alternative networks. WE the Researchers (yup... that's you too), are digging for the information based on Q's prompts and questions, and We The People are unearthing some truly incredible intel. It is stunning.

It's like being inside an espionage-action movie. We all have front-row seats and various people amongst us become actors on the screen for a little while, and then another one or two of us step forwards. We are Co-creating our wonderful future together. Note: We all have information to contribute. This work of decoding, decryption, research, promotion, information dissemination, etc, is being done by very ordinary people - just like me, an unemployed house-frau with a BA degree and some journalistic knowledge. Ie: I know how to research, write and use my brain, so blogging and information-sharing is what I do. You also have a place where you fit in and can take action. We all have different abilities. We all need to contribute to the whole "movie" that is being played out right now. By YOU playing your part will assure absolute success for all of humanity. When you get the "prompt" to go down a particular rabbit hole, please follow that leading. We all need to contribute as we are inspired to do so.  Note: Please get over your fear of being "someone". Yes you ARE! You are needed.

There truly is a parallel reality happening right now. Is this part of the "shift" into 5D?  I don't know, but I would not be at all surprised if this "parallel information reality" is a precursor. Honestly... once you start hooking into the Q Posts and video-makers like Isaac Green and Jordan Sather, you WILL wonder "what the hell" ???  Because you can't see "out there" in the world the things that Q is saying. And that's all part of the necessary "disinformation" game that you need to play when you enter the world of "intelligence communities". What we are experiencing now truly IS a parallel reality. Please don't let any of this scare you off. Just dive on in to the material and the proofs being shown.


Welcome to the autistic people, the code-crackers, the social misfits, the graphic artists, video-makers and musicians... Welcome to the IT geeks, the millennials, the baby-boomers (who like me who gets totally lost on 8chan) but we keep on going *tenacity* :D  Wecome to the people whose brains and consciousness is wired slightly differently. "WE are the ones we have been waiting for."

eg: One thing that keeps happening to me is: I keep getting number codes #QuantumField #ResonanceUnityField. Please see my Facebook group and "Numbers" blog to get an idea of the sorts of "strange" brains who are attracted to Q Posts and the decryption and deciphering side of this work. We are living INSIDE of a spy novel. It's very amazing !!  Note: 'autistic' used in this context is not defamatory at all... It helps!

Welcome to the people who aren't precious about "language". People do light-heartedly give each other stick and call each other names, they say 'fuck', and worse... (this movement has a lot of young males and gamers), but please don't be precious about any of this. Do not be offended. This is just an expression of the flow of energy. Sometimes, some pretty gruesome and entirely traitorous and murderous acts that have been done by our politicians and captains of industry is exposed - laid bare (literally, at times). Having non-censorship of language (I personally feel) is almost necessary, considering the material we are looking at. I consider it like a safety switch... It saves a huge volcano blowing at some point in the future.


Please liberally share posts on this group to your Friends' networks, your blogs, your video channels, your email lists, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc, etc. Facebook Group >>

How do we save the children from the cannibals?

By clicking on "Share". It really is that easy, and it really is that profound.  

Consider this: One day we might not have the internet in this current form. Therefore: While we DO have the internet, it's really, really important to contribute to the awakening of humanity, TODAY !!  TODAY is the day... "Carpe diem!"  Seize the day.  Absolutely!


SHARE these posts. Save the babies. Literally: SAVE THE BABIES! This is how we do it. SHARE POSTS.

Thanks. Love and peace,
BronnyNZ (my primary blog)

You'll find over 100 articles on my Co-creating blog about the "Hampstead Cover Up" that kicked off in February 2015. That's what GOT me into chasing the pedos in the first place - exposing their VILE and EVIL deeds... The hunt continues.

The mo.fos (elites and lesser plebs.) will be going to the gallows when the whole depravity of what they are doing to little babies and under 5-year-olds is seen by the humanity. India already has a policy > They are sending their pedophiles to the guillotine (figuratively). India is not tolerating the pedos at all. They ARE going to apply Capital Punishment.

I have no doubt that all countries in the world will be compelled to doing the same in due course. When we see the depravity of what these perverts have been doing, The People will demand an extermination... Just fyi. There will be very tough justice meted out, just to let you know. The People will not be wanting to muck around. Pedophiles and traffickers who have been stealing upward of 2 million children and babies on this planet every year will provoke outcries of retribution from The People of the Earth. Justice will be quickly served. I do believe The People will demand it once all things are seen and known. #Molech


  1. I found out about this pedivore epidemic by way of researching the fake pope seated at the helm of my church of which i no longer belong to...but i started asking questions when bergoglio was elected in secret in 2013...and more often than not all roads led back to obama and hillary and satan. i'm too old to have any "preciousness" or to feel offended but that's peanuts compared to our mission. children are in danger and i can't imagine anyone nitpicking at the little shit when this "thing" is hovering over us like a dark cloud. some days it seems like we're winning and rebuking satan and other times it seems like we'll never get a handle on this because there's just so many...everywhere, seems like. anyway, the hardest part for me is losing contact with my family. 5 years is a long time to go without talking to them but they think i'm crazy and as long as they do i'm not having any of their negativity and blind bullshit...i've found that no one wants to know the truth. it's too shocking for them to handle. that being said, i've adjusted to smaller drops of truthing. it really helps when someone credible confirms what i've been trying to tell them and show them ...anyway, i just turned 60, my grandson is 10 and my daughter is about to have my 2nd grandchild. We have to save the babies. Count me in. Thank God ..sometimes not having anyone to talk to or relate to about all of this stuff is. ...hard. my mother knew. and i didn't believe her. she passed away and i feel like shit because she was right all along. okay i know most of you guys are young but if i ramble on too much just let me know now...I'm MaryAnnVasQuez and i'm glad i found you guys. peace out.

  2. Hi Mary Ann... Good to meet you. I'm glad you were compelled to do your own research. That's the only way to find one's awakening... "Nobody is going to spoon feed your awakening to you." - BronnyNZ I have many Hampstead articles on this bog... Put 'Hampstead children' into this blog's search.

  3. Hi..I've followed Q for many years...the crimes against children are horrendous...I try and share all to open peoples entire family are very supportive and voice it loudly as I do. Been in facebook jail . 30 days at a time...because I feel it's worth it to get out the truth. It will be a blessed day on earth when these evil people get thier justice. Pray. Thank You for being here with everyone to support all the Patriots.


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