Sunday, 3 December 2017

Has QAnon migrated from 4chan to 8chan? Commentators seem to think so.

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I found these instructions and comments on Voat by swizzlesnap  6 days ago

Probably the real Q, since his trip codes are identical, and the tripcode algorithm is independent of site:

4Chan: Q !ITPb.qbhqo
8Chan: Q!ITPb.qbhqo

The (lack of) space between name and trip is just a difference in naming convention across the two sites.

The displayed tripcode is basically a scrambled password. One password -> one tripcode. It's possible but computationally expensive to hack the password from the tripcode and thus impersonate the poster.

Some argue that Q's tripcode was possibly hacked since he used the "less secured" hashing algorithm (prefixed ! instead of !!), but then the hack could have happened at any point, even before he began posting on 8chan.

If the "more secured" version (prefix "!!") were used, it would have been impossible to get the same trip code on both sites using the same passcode.

Q's 8Chan Posts (as of 11/26, showing same tripcode as 4chan posts):

TripCode Info (tldr: the version Q used is independent of site)

Tl;dr:: If you continue to trust trip-Q's 4chan posts, you have no less reason to also trust trip-Q 8chan posts.

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Great info. Thanks for posting this Swizzlesnap.

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