Sunday, 3 December 2017

Follow Tumblr QAnon info dumps. BronnyNZ is OFF Facebook - a CIA front !!

Hello dedicated readers of this blog and to new people who arrived here through good fortune...

#QAnon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit on Tumblr  (English language)

A personal story

I can no longer share my blog posts on Facebook. My strong sense of ethics and integrity won't let me support that platform any longer. The deep state is very deep on Facebook. As well as collecting all of our data all the time, Facebook is selling our preferences and trending #CollectiveConsciousness waves #QuantumField to the 147 corporations who rule the world so they can (1) sell more of their shit to us, (2) manipulate our minds #MKUltra (3) control us out here in society to believe what they want us to beLIEve. This is not all... In December 2014, you waved-waived goodbye to all of your content you publish on Facebook (including videos, photos, etc) and made it Facebook's own copyright material. See your user contract! You gave yourself away. When Messenger was added to Facebook, you really gave yourself away. Even when you turn your phone off, Messenger is able to record your conversations and take images of whatever it sees. You have just downloaded a monster onto your device.

I am now on a couple of other social media sites... Please feel free to join me on Tumblr including my #QAnon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit "blog" (group) on Tumblr, and find me on MeWe which is much more like a Facebook-interactive platform. See you there.

One of the beauties of Tumblr is the LACK of ability to engage in conversations. This is good... because it means that instead of people wasting their available social media time on having pointless ego-driven conversations with other people or Mossad trolls, you have your head down and you are actually researching. Of course the CIA-front - FACEBOOK, wants you to waste your precious available time having pointless conversations - because while you're doing that (ie: sitting at the Mad Hatter's tea party), you're not chasing the White Rabbit down the next Rabbit Hole !!  Get it?  #TimeHarvesting

The other beauty of Tumblr is related... that is: SPEED !!!  Tumblr is extremely fast to post information on!  And what I mean by that is - When you post a link (URL), all of the information appears automatically on the post in the "preview" (that's everything you see on your post once it is published - the photo from the website, the caption or article introduction), a great headline, everything! It's all there. The only thing you need to add to your post is the #hashtags which are used to help people find that topic in the search engine. Please compare all of this with Facebook which is very clunky compared to Tumblr > On Facebook, you post your URL (link) then you have to write a description yourself to introduce the subject matter, then you tag people, add topic tags, then there's the whole business of "Share to Friends... Share to Groups... Share to Pages".  All of this takes a lot of time. Facebook is "time-harvesting" us.

By contrast - Tumblr has done all of this already. BOOM !!  VERY, VERY FAST !!

Please join me on Tumblr and "Follow" and also, "Follow" the #QAnon blog I have created on Tumblr. See Search: #Q-Anon (q dash anon).

The screenshots below are from the "Archive" on the #Q-Anon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit blog on Tumblr. This is how fast Tumblr is - I have added 75 (seventy five) #QAnon-related articles to that "blog" in just 4 days. Very fast. Very efficient. Go there and you will find lots of information. I am only posting information on there that is pertinent for the QAnon information - either QAnon data drops, or information that relates directly to QAnon's questions.

See you there !!  👍

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