Monday, 11 December 2017

Unnamed Muslim hoard threatens the Jews of Sweden and Europe! Idiots!


Here's why: Because America, at last, has got 
a President who stands by his word. 

SHAME on the previous three Presidents !!  They were all talk and no balls. They all knew that officially declaring Jerusalem as Israel's capital would bring up some very big, deep, ancient issues - a real can of worms! 

Of course Trump absolutely knows what he is doing. You can't run substantial peace talks until you come clean about what the stakes actually are. Jerusalem is a major stake. You can't keep pissing about in the world of subterfuge and "diplomacy" (lying) and never lay your cards on the table. You need to find the bedrock, and then you can start building. 

Bibi Netanyahu is in for the shock of his life. The smile will very quickly be wiped off his face! Trump hasn't made a concession - he's brought in the bulldozers and laid the site bare. Expect a lot of positive activity in the not too distant future, on both sides of this debacle. 

Unless these leaders have read "The Art of the Deal", they won't have a clue about what's going to hit them. Negotiations all the way. Agreements. Withdrawls of the illegal occupiers who have stolen land on the West Bank. Re-designation of highways so Palestinian farmers are not cut off from their own farmlands! The return to nationhood - to state sovereignty. No more Israeli nanny-state interventionist policies that hold a pistol to the Palestinian head. We can all see the bloody insanity! Trump included. He's not a stupid man. You don't build a billion dollar empire by being stupid.

Trump is into construction. He knows how to build things up - people, business, negotiations, countries, safety, economy, families, well-being, highest potentiality...

Those three former U.S. Presidents are cucks and gutless wonders with no plan. They were never prepared to take this bull by its horns! Trump has a plan > #4Dchess

President Trump has balls bigger than those three others all put together - Clinton, Bush, Obama.  


Gutless wonders.


Published on Dec 9, 2017
All Americans who supported and applauded Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama's promise to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, should now do the right thing by acknowledging the truth ... Only one leader, President Trump, had the courage to do it.

See the Gatestone article published December 11, 2017  >>

Firebombing Jewish Children in Sweden

"On Friday night [December 8, 2017], an anti-Trump rally in Malmö drew about 200 people, many of whom shouted anti-Jewish remarks and threatened to "shoot the Jews." On Saturday, anti-Trump protesters marched in Stockholm and set fire to the Israeli flag. A search through the major Swedish online media did not yield any details about the ethnic or religious backgrounds of the participants in any of these incidents." - Gatestone Institute

BronnyNZ - This is why we know the identity of these losers in Malmö! - because we know the entire Muslim world is pissed that Trump has finally ripped away the veil of Muslim illusion! Here are the facts, just to let you know 100% how this issue really stands... In 1967, the Zionist Rothschilds under the British Balfour Agreement (1917) stole Palestine from you. Now you have to face up to the reality and start to take constructive action - not destructive action. The ball is in your court leaders of Palestine. You have now had the veil of illusion ripped away. President Trump is untying you from the "net" that the Spell-casters had you all hooked up in. It's high time for you to all face up to, and look at your predicament square in the face. Time to stop pissing around and pretending that you've got some kind of a hold on what used to be Palestine. Currently: you're screwed.

You know most of the world is behind you on this issue. We all HATE what the Khazarian mafia did to you. As a good Republican and proponent of every country becoming a sovereign nation (not an occupied one), I have no doubt that Trump despises what happened in 1967 and ever since. He's simply the Man who is bringing this situation in front of you fully, so you will look at the issue properly. He's making you face up to the reality. When it's all said and done, the Arab world will thank Trump for his courage, in making you look at the reality of your occupation without any delusions. 

From this strong place of acknowledgement, you will move forward in your desire to take back your lands. While you are fighting and resisting, there is only fight - not negotiation. Please understand: You are backed by 6.5 billion other voices internationally. While you continue to fight and rape Christendom, we cannot and will not help you. Logic says that the land of Palestine (including the State of Israel) belongs to the Palestinian people. How to achieve this goal is going to be interesting. 

Please go with the flow - don't fight us, or we only learn to hate you.

Please bring your stupid little attack dogs back to heel. They're only making your bid to take back your motherland, unnecessarily much, much worse!

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