Friday 20 February 2015

The Moment of Decision Has Arrived. What is YOUR Decision?


NOW is the Time for CHANGE.  Time to Stand UP !!  NOW !!

Yes.... That's YOU i'm talking to. Get your insides straightened up and rise up out of the debt slavery and domination you have been under. The time for Change is NOW.  Through the testimony of these children, the WHOLE English establishment can be brought to its knees.  But one or two or even 20 people are NOT going to be able to do this alone. It needs ALL of us.  And when I say ALL of us...  I mean ALL of Great Britain.

There is only ONE way that all of the UK is going to find out about what has been happening in Camden, London.  What has happened in Hampstead and what is continuing to happen right now,  IS a microcosm of the rest of the UK...  IS a microcosm of so many parts of the USA...  IS a microcosm of the pedophile culture that exists in Australia...  So we must ALL put our best, hugest, most DETERMINED efforts into Absolute and Utter Disclosure of these events and deeds that have been done by these perpetrators against these two little kids and their Russian mum.

It's not on.

It's up to US...  For there to be an ongoing and continuing groundswell of INDIGNATION and yes, even Righteous ANGER because of these FILTHY CRIMES committed against the most innocent and vulnerable little Souls who we should ALL be holding so dearly and so closely, in tender care...

And yet...  What do we as a COLLECTIVE do who chooses to turn a blind eye to the realities of harm... ???  We continue to cover for it, to make excuses for it, to call it every other name than what it Truly is....  And WE refuse to look at it right in the eye.

Well it's about time we did.  And it's about time we stirred up enough courage in ourselves to put this information in front of the people we know, and the people we know less well... All over Britain.  That we STOP making EXCUSES for ourselves to take ACTION....  And simply REAL EYES that if WE do not Stand UP NOW, that these problems are going to perpetuate themselves WELL into the Future.

We have been offered a most unusual Portal to go through... and a most unexpected Portal to go through...  With the Testimony of these Children which is now seeping slowly but surely into the public domain...  With the decision of Ella their Mother to go public with this, even though she has now been forced very far away from the children she was trying to protect...  With the decision of Sabine to take Affirmative Action which also has seen her flee far away from the British Isles, so she too does not become another forgotten statistic in the British prison system...

What we have now is "Perfection".  EVERYTHING is sitting in perfect alignment...  Poised... At the very tipping point where all causes will now be set in motion, DEPENDING on the Actions WE choose to take.

Action (1)  To sit in defeat and ALLOW Sodomy, Rape, Murder, Torture, Depravities to continue happening to the Children of Britain.

Action (2)  To STAND in INDIGNATION powered by ANGER welling up from inside of us, LONG OVERDUE; where all information is BOLDLY shared; where we do not Stop until we achieve the outcomes we all want for our kids and for future generations; to have the tenacity, the grit, the determination to see these things through...  That we DO NOT STOP until ALL of Britain, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, the Hebrides, the Channel Islands and ALL the world has HEARD what EVIL These "Elites" in Britain have been doing to our little babies, to our children, to our women, to the poor, to the vulnerable, to the old, to those who lack an education... USING US as their Slaves to enrich themselves off the back of our labour and the agony of our pain... And using us as their "toys" to pleasure themselves with and to do with the frail little bodies of our children and our newborn babies whatever they want to.  We WILL NOT STOP until WE have told the WHOLE WORLD of these atrocities.

Are you with me?  Or do you continue to sit in defeat?

Your Decision.

The Time is NOW.  NOW.

And we will not be presented with THIS particular opportunity again for a VERY long time.

ARE we going to find the determination to carry this cause through?

Or are we going to quake in fear once again in this illusory world They have made for us - a world of smoke and mirrors where we are bound and sacked and defiled once more?

It is Decision Time.

Make it !!

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