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A Small Victory: Modem Removal !!!


Tuesday 18 September, 2012

Yesterday afternoon, one of the middle-managers of Genesis Energy, "Andrew" phoned me to discuss my ambitions to have the Smart Meter/ "Advanced Meter" removed from my house that they had installed in 2011.  I had been told by Genesis on Friday that I would be receiving a phone call their contractor, "Advanced Metering Services".  This was not the case.  Genesis phoned me directly instead.

The conversation with Andrew was amicable. Andrew was quite happy to let me state my case and he put forward his position, opinions, information also.  Many further points were raised with me. I continued to stand my ground... 

At the outset, Andrew seemed to understand the reasons for my wanting the "Advanced Meter" removed from my urban residential property in Hamilton, NZ.  I at least did not have to go through the preliminaries with him again. I let him know that since the conversation with the Call Centre on Friday, that i'd done quite a lot more research (online) and what I had found only confirmed to me that I was making the right decision to ask Genesis to remove the "Advanced Meter".  Andrew asked what the research was.  I told him, "Mainly from a medical point of view, such as the April 2012 Press Release from the American Academy of Environmental Sciences" (linked below).  I quoted some of the findings published in this Press Release which discusses Neurological disease including cancers of the brain, Alzheimer's Disease, Asperger's Syndrome; Genetic degeneration including splits in the DNA and degeneration of the sperm cells and blood cells relating to reproduction, effects to major organs including kidneys and heart, and many more...

Andrew asked me if i'd done any research on the effectiveness and positive outcomes associated with Smart Metering.  I admitted to Andrew that I hadn't. "The reason I hadn't," I told him, "... is that generally any research showing favourable result for a new technology be it in medicine, agriculture, communications and so on... is funded by the very industry that is trying to promote that technology... Therefore I would have found it pointless to look at such biased research."  

I used the analogy of Monsanto's guarantees to African farmers that the Monsanto GM crops would not take over existing traditional crops - which of course, the GMO's did...  All too little too late in the case of the African farmers and seriously, an apology really doesn't 'cut it'.  I said to Andrew that regardless of the reassurances he was trying to give me, there was simply too much emerging evidence, eg: from the American Academy of Environmental Sciences Press Release April 2012, to warrant me wanting to take the risk.

I said to Andrew that "The studies I looked at were published only this year. Because this technology causes a slow degeneration of tissue and cells, these could not be observed in subjects at the time when the technology was released."  I quoted one of the studies from the northern hemisphere (Sweden) where cell phones have been in use since the early 1990's.  Doctors in Sweden were now seeing an inordinate number of brain cancers called "Glioma".  This type of brain cancer had hitherto been extremely rare in people over 60, but was now turning up in 30 and 40 year olds. Glioma is strongly linked to cell phone use.  

For readers who have not read earlier articles on this subject, the 'communications network' that the Advanced Meters run on in New Zealand is "Vodafone".  Note:  I have no problem with Vodafone per se.  The network could have been Telecom or 2degrees.... It's not the company that i'm picking on... Just the fact that the 'Advanced Meter'/ Smart Meter technology is underpinned by cell phone technology - Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Frequency.  The point is...  Your Advanced Meter/ Smart Meter is like having your cell phone up against your head... always turned on...  and emitting pulses (communication) through you, your home, your pets, your kids, your plants and the gold fish in your outdoor pond... back to the 'tracking station' some kilometers away...  sending emissions through the airwaves up to 35kms away in fact.  This has got to be one of the worst types of Environmental Pollution...  like Nuclear Pollution...  So toxic and so invisible !!!

When I mentioned the subject of the meter emitting pulsed RF's (radio frequencies) and EMF's (electromagnetic requencies) which are known to be the WORST emission for human/ animal biology, Andrew stated to me that the "only pulse on the Advanced meter is the pulse of the little red light which blinks more quickly when a household is using more electricity."

Really Andrew ??? Either YOU think that your consumers are very STUPID or YOU in fact ARE !!!!  Sorry to be so disparaging...  but what sort of BS is that ???  I'm sorry...  but that load of blather was truly laughable !!  Does the man think I can not read plain text ???

The upshot of the whole conversation was that Genesis Energy will NOT remove the "Advanced Meter" : (  but they WILL remove the modem...  Yay !!!  They will send their contractor over to my house hopefully this week and they will remove the modem. Andrew said to me that Genesis will reserve the right to put the modem back on at some time in the future, at their discretion. By that time, I may be long gone in favour of using Meridian or Trust Power at a slightly greater monthly charge, but with long-term assurance that the modem will not be put back on by Trust Power at least, who I spoke to at length yesterday. From what I am told, neither of these NZ companies are intending to install Smart Meters to their customer's meter boxes. I double-checked with Andrew and asked if the unit will completely STOP emitting radio frequencies once the modem is removed.  Andrew assured me, "Yes".  

We shall see....  I know someone with an RF meter.  I'll get them to come over and give my meter a reading 'before' and 'after' the modem is taken away.  Let's really treat this as an experiment  : )



Details of this woman's story are exactly the same as mine...  particularly around ears ringing and insomnia...  and that after the 'Advanced Meter' was installed on my house, no-one now seems to have the skill required to be able to take it off.  They all behave as if they are entirely useless...  which they in fact might be !!!

The installation of Smart Meters is voluntary  by law for 'the industry'  ... But our power retailers are telling us that "it has to be done because that is now the legal requirement."  That's all BS.  The installation of Smart Meters  is Voluntary by law for the Industry.  And what is voluntary for the Industry cannot suddenly be made Mandatory for the customer.  No Way !!!  Cheeky Buggers !!!

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  1. The Modem in the Smart Meter/ "Advanced Meter" was removed within 2 days of this telephone call. Gone. Done. Finito !! :D

    Sorry... just re-reading this post. I forgot to confirm that the job got done !! : )


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