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Example: The Corporation of America Usurps Private Lands at Oglethorpe, Georgia, USA

"... my great-great-grandfather William Hamilton Hargrave was coercively forced, along with many other Southerners, to sale their land, being a good percentage of The Historic City of Hargrave - The Georgia Memorial To Congress   

"...The City of Hargrave's land possession has been reclaimed in a ruling by the City of Hargrave's judge based on coercion and subversion committed by the corporation, UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED and its agents in the field. Also by ruling of the judge of the City of Hargrave, the City of Hargrave is no longer under the jurisdiction of or a part of FORT OGLETHORPE, STATE OF GEORGIA or THE UNITED STATES nor the governments that were existing prior to these subversive corporations and the antebellum coupe noted in the booklet titled, "UNITED STATES COUP OF 1866 - Handbook For Liberty", Copyright July 4, 2012 A.D., by author Burk-Elder: Hale, Third."

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The History of Hargrave, Ringgold and Catoosa County
(The Authentic Version)  [excerpts]

After the Holocaust of most of the Ancient White Civilization in North America (by specific Neo-Amerindian tribes that invaded and murdered Amerindian tribes as well) and the latter creation of a British penal colony called "Georgia" by the British Crown's Virginia Company (US, INC's predecessor) from stolen lands of the Cherokee Americans and Ancient White Americans (consisting of various tribes migrated from around the globe) for gold, Catoosa County was created on December 5, 1853 A.D. with land divided from neighboring Walker and Whitfield counties. The name is derived from the Cherokee word "catoosa," meaning "between two hills."

... Established about the same time as Ringgold [c.1854], the City of Hargrave was established and named after William-Hamilton: Hargrave who owned the majority of the land in the area where Hargrave was established. 

... After the turn of the 20th century A.D. Hargrave landowners were given the choice to sell their land or have it confiscated by US, INC for its establishment of a fort for the US Army's 6th Calvary, despite better and more suitable locations...
Shortly after US, INC's extortion a [sic] the City of Hargrave and the Hargrave family and other local families William-Hamilton: Hargrave died from grief over the subversive acts done directly to his family by US, INC.  Long afterwards the US Army's 6th Calvary left the area and put the land up for sale. The original families were economically destroyed and could not repurchase their homeland where the fort was. After to the coercive taking of the City of Hargrave by US, INC. Land Lot 61 was all that remained, outside the fort, of The Historic City of Hargrave.
Recently those lands coercively taken by US, INC., their agents and subjects in the field have been reclaimed in the Name of Jesus Christ, for a possession of the Citizens of Hargrave and owned by God, by a Hargrave descendant (Burk-Elder: Hale, Third.) who has exposed the subversive activities and coercion.
Note: Considering that it has been discovered that there is no lawful or legal government in America besides the City of Hargrave the Citizens of Hargrave (or those that have similarly laid claims in their areas) lay claim, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to the lands of the fifty states that are not currently possessed by the "Indian" tribes. All of the Hawaiian Islands are deemed returned to the native tribes by the Authorities of the City of Hargrave. However, it is up to the native tribes to take action to expose and remove the subversive organizations and persons  

[Burk-Elder: Hale, Third, 2011-2012 website here below: ]

Used with permission of the author.

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