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Beetroot Colonic Cleanse

I have recently started to juice beetroot in the morning as the base to a 'colonic cleanse'.  I didn't realise it was going to work out this way...  It's a new chapter in a story that started back in early July.  I became a customer of a Health and Wellness company at that time and began using one of the products called "FibreWise" which is a part of the "healthy heart" pack.  I've been wanting to get off my high blood pressure medication since the beginning of this year.  I believe that FibreWise is really coming through for me...  with an 'immediate' 20 point reduction in BP in only 5 weeks !!  That was an incredible result !!  However, the package does say that if you experience any bleeding, one should discontinue.  I carry with me the genetic pre-disposition to have haemorrhoids and after persevering with the psyllium husk-rich formula for another few weeks, realised I would have to stop using it.  During the 8 or so weeks that I had been able to use it, there was what I would call some "great success" that ended up in 'the potty'.

The first 2 weeks went 'as normal' but with a noted 'stickiness' to the stool. The FibreWise acts as a mild brush against the intestinal walls. Other ingredients including aloe vera leaf, lecithin, acidophilus, garlic, grape seed, green tea leaf, burdock root, ginger root, and many more natural ingredients aid with this intestinal cleanse, but also removes the plaque and build-up within the veins. Apparently, this is the 'stickiness' that results from this 'brushing' action.

This was to be nothing but the Prologue however...

After around 3-4 weeks, my poo turned dark khaki green !!!!   I've only ever had green poo (a lighter colour) when i've had guts-ache a couple of times.  But this stuff was quite different...  and with quite a strong pong !!!  : (    This was very strange for me, as it had been noted by a child of mine in the past that the toilet never smelled much after i'd been in there.  And this was true...  There was usually a fairly mild odour and no more.  I put this down to my semi-vegetarian diet and eating red meat only 1 or 2 times (maximum) per week... to boost my iron levels mainly.  And now...  Oh Lordy, Lordy !!!  You sure don't want to be the next person in there after me !!!  This was Act 1.

Act 2 commenced with some very alarming BLACK stool ending up in the bowl...  usually small'ish bean-sized bits.  But most often this hard black material came away with the 'normal' lighter colour, soft stool. There was a stripe down one side of the stool comprised of the black material. I can only surmise that this had been pulled away from the wall of the intestine (large intestine?) as the waste moved through.

Soon after this, things were curtailed somewhat... as explained above... to allow my poor shredded piles to re-heal and go back to 'normal'.  After discontinuing use of the FibreWise, the colour and texture also returned to what it had been prior to July  : (   I was a bit sad about this...  as I realised that this initial 'progress' that had been made in "Acts 1 & 2" quite probably had a few more Acts to go !!!  What to do ??

I then remembered a friend in Aussie telling me about the "Beetroot DNA Reset".  She'd said that she normally eats one meal a day with beetroot in some form being a major part of the meal.  She said  that she found this a lot kinder to her system than the 'actual' Reset as linked below, which apparently can be a bit hard on the system.

I already had fresh beetroot in the fridge, so it was pretty easy to start juicing a small-sized beetroot in the morning along with a carrot, some celery sticks and an apple.  I also decided (now that my bum was better) that i'd like to give the FibreWise another go...  So I have been adding 1/2 the recommended amount to my beetroot juices in the morning.

Within a day of re-starting up with beetroot-based juicing combined with the 1/2 scoop of FibreWise, things have been moving along really well... Especially if I eat my fairly coarse muesli mix within an hour after drinking the beetroot medley.  The muesli had a lot of toasted organic sesame seeds in it this time along with wheat bran and wheat germ.  It's all good moving-along stuff. Mostly the striped version as above, but sometimes with some fairly good-sized 'woody' black ends on the 'normal' (now beetroot coloured) stool.

I've never done a herbal colonic cleanse before...  Apparently, it's high time that I did.  It's pretty easy !!  I'm surprised.  So hopefully this will all continue to show results to my weight and blood pressure monitoring.  Oh...  the other things i've changed are:

  • minimal or no leavened (yeasted) bread - i'm using wholemeal flat bread instead, rice crackers and rice cakes.  I've had no desire for 'normal' bread for the last fortnight which really surprises me.  I've been a real bread-lover in the past.
  • fish - fresh, canned, seafood  - this has been my main meat protein since starting my juicing.  I don't think i've even eaten chicken once...  and only a couple of times had lamb or beef (<200gms/ serve)
  • no crap processed food.  I've not been buying anything in a can, sachet or jar now for years...  and most particularly in the last 2 years after a previous 18 month stint working in a supermarket.  I just saw the amount of shit people threw into their trolleys and had to ask, "Why???"  Why spend so much on that which is NOT FOOD  - well...  looks like food but certainly had marginal nutritive value compared to the stuff that comes direct from my garden !!
  • spring water - I've been drinking this stuff solely along with rainwater when i'm at home to harvest it.  Then there's no fluoride, no chlorine, no cow poo, no 'run-off' from the huge public hospital in Hamilton that just lets all kinds of bio-hazards run out into our river - scary story told to me this week about chemotherapy fluids being sent 'down the drain' !!!!    : (    Admittedly, the Hamilton Water Treatment Plant is 'upriver' from the hospital...  but much of South Auckland now depends on tap water sourced from the Waikato River...  God help us.  And people wonder why they're getting very, very sick !!  : (   God help the people in Ngaruawahia (15 minutes down stream) and Huntly (35 minutes down stream)   : (
  • heaps more vegetables...  in all of their various forms...  soups, salads, vegetable/ potato bakes, steamed, creamed...   all kinds of yummy ways to prepare your veges
So...  That's it.  

See how you go.  If you can't find someone to supply you with FibreWise from Melaleuca.com you could always try the less superior but well-known product 'Metamucil' and see how you go with that. If you live handy to me in Hamilton, or anywhere in NZ or Oz in fact, I can help you out with the FibreWise. People tell me that Metamucil is pretty nasty tasting stuff...  but mixed in with the beetroot might work pretty well for you.  You can always try the health food store anyways...  They're bound to be able to put you onto some kind of 'internal exfoliator'.  Anything with psyllium husk will work pretty well I would say  : )   And if there's no acidophilus in your 'exfoliator', you can boost up your natural yoghurt intake to help introduce some new 'good guys' into your gut  : )   I hope this inspires you to take the leap and get the old, old nasty stuff out of your intestines.  It looks like it might take the better part of 6-8 months to get the job done  : )   And if my lack of hunger pains since my last 'meal' (juice) 6 hours ago is anything to go by...  My intestines I would say are now working far more efficiently to get nutrition out of the food that still remains in there from last night  : )   I heard a good saying recently which I believe is very true:

It's not a case of:  "You are what you eat..."  but more a case of:

"You are what you can digest."

I'm starting to see the truth in that statement.

I hope you enjoy these couple of articles i've added below.  Interesting reading.

Go !!  the Beetroot !!!  The Mighty Beetroot !!!


Update: 28 Sept 2012 

Well...  I had some days off work this week so I thought i'd go the 'whole hog' and try juicing 2 small beets per day and not just one...  to try to get things moving along even more  : )  This was a perfect idea yesterday...  and certainly by mid-morning was astounded again at the quantity and blackness of the material that was being evacuated.  However: when I tried to repeat this today with 2 small beets... plus other veges juiced,  I could feel my system saying "No" within just the first taste.  I persevered anyway and drank more... I couldn't 'waste' all that good juice, could I ??   ... Then I began to feel light-headed and sick.  Some plain yoghurt fixed this feeling.  Being a stubborn sort of person and not wanting to waste 1/2 a large glass of juice, I watered the juice down and had the rest of it by lunch time.  Oh Dear...  What a mistake.  I felt really crook then...  And I did end up evacuating a few times I guess to expel the over-burgeoning of vitamins and minerals in the beetroot (liquid only, deep burgundy).  Finally I ate something - rye crackers with a bit of canned fish (bad, bad choice) - it all came up again within an hour  : (   Remembering instructions from the "Beetroot Reset" below, I decided to 'browse' over some shooting greens i've got on my windowsill and munched on the fresh living greens for 10 minutes or so... just like the article says  :-/   In Kiwiana we have a saying:  "If all else fails, read the instructions."  Yup.  We're known for our DIY   : ) 

The lesson:  If your body is saying, "Enough already !!!"  please listen to it.  I think i'll give the beets a rest for a couple of days now  : )   Point taken.  I know tomorrow will be great though.  Wow !!  My system has had a real purge.  I'm very happy with this at least  : )  

The Beetroot Reset

- by "Mightiswrong" on   06-09-2010

On the new moon I often do what I call the Beetroot Reset as outlined in Book 8.1 [of the Ringing cedars series]. When Vladimir is cleansed by his 5 year old son in the Taiga Forest of Siberia for a few days, using wild herbs etc, Vladimir wonders what readers could do at home to cleanse with the food normally available.. So, Anastasia says something like this in Book 8.1

Drink only spring water until lunch time and then juice a glass full of organic beetroot. (I peel mine and use a masticating juicer.. ) eat nothing else for the rest of the day (sipping water is OK) and stay at home in case of any adverse reactions.. could be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.... be prepared for the worst! but it may not be so bad! 

Some say to chase the beetroot juice with an organic apple to stop nausea and I recommend this if you think you might vomit, so you can actually keep the beetroot down so it can do its job...its quite a strong taste. ... Although not everyone has a reaction like this.. some just get tired.. some feel nothing... but its good to be prepared for the worst and then anything else is a breeze.. obviously, do not do this if you are pregnant or breast feeding.. 

What the beetroot does is it scans through your organs.. .. if the gall bladder is toxic you might get sick very quick and have a major bile dump. if you are tuned in to your body enough you can feel it moving through.. if you dont get sick in the first hour you probably wont.. Have a rest and concentrate on your dreams and your true essence as the beetroot is resetting your DNA to your own unique thoughts... think about your health, your vitality, your loved ones, your space of love.. all your bright thoughts...

You may find the beetroot lingers in your digestive system for some days... and this is normal as its taking its time to help where needed...

So you have made it through that part.. and now all you do is go to bed for a good nights sleep.

When you wake up and when first hunger signals, you need to have already prepared a selection of fresh, local , organic seasonal raw foods ( from your garden, local market or small produce store.. avoid supermarket produce alltogether.. ) 

Spread before you and let your newly reset body tell you what it wants to eat. eat one thing at a time and wait for your hunger to trigger again to select something else.. relish the flavours and only eat one thing at a time.. notice what you go for, it may not be what you expect..

Continue eating like this and only eat when you are hungry - notice if you are satisfied with much less than normal and that your taste buds are alive.. continue eating like this and you will be very well and full of energy very quickly.. this is the way to eat as you breathe.. dont stop to make meals, just taste and nibble on things as you feel to and even better - DO it straight out of the garden...!

Do the beetroot reset again on each new moon and dont beet yourself up if you fall into old habits, as there is always another new moon to start over...

and try eating some grass too.. Anastasia says follow your dog or cat around and whatever grass they eat is OK for you too.. Make chewing grass part of your life or grow some wheatgrass and chew on that.. WELCOME BACK TO NATURAL EATING! How many more hours you will have in the day?!!

http://witcheslore.com/?p=1547 "Beetroot Magic: promotes, love, ambience, beauty"

General facts about Beetroot : http://www.thespringoflife.net/beetroot.html 

Beets: (courtesy of Serena) 

~ #1 liver cleanser
~ Kidney cleanser
~ bile cleanser/producer
~ great for blood, etc etc because of zinc
~ rewrites genetic codes
~ removes bleached products from the brain
~ replenishes everything
~ forces circulation
~ erases cravings via dendrils in the brain
~ forces cell turnover
~ wont burn in sun (meaning the skin)
~ its a ''morality food''
~ ''wisdom food''
~ ''spiritual food''
~ removes spiritual evil

"Beetroot" - by Eve

Beetroot (Beta vulgaris)  -  The red beet, commonly known as garden beet, is a juicy root vegetable. Beets have several varieties, which are grouped according to their shapes.  They can be flat, short-top shaped, deep oblate to round, globular to oval, or half long to long. 

History:  Beetroot has been cultivated for about 4,000 years.  It was probably the ancient Babylonians who started to use it first.  Early Greeks and Romans used the root for its medicinal properties and the leaves as vegetables.   Since Roman, times beetroot juice has also been considered an aphrodisiac.  The scientific explanation for that belief is that the beet is rich in the mineral boron, which plays an important role in the production of human sex hormones.  The Greek doctor Hippocrates (460-377 BC), often called "the Father of Medicine," advocated the use of beet leaves as bindings for wounds.  Beetroot held an important place in Renaissance (14th-16th century) medicine and was often used for illnesses relating to digestion and the blood.  In medieval England, beetroot juice or broth was recommended as an easily digested food for the aged, weak, or infirm.  Culpepper notes in his seventeenth century Herball that “the red beet is good to stay the bloody flux, woman’s courses and the whites, and to help the yellow jaundice.”  In mythology, Aphrodite is said to have eaten beets to retain her beauty.  In folk magic, if a woman and man eat from the same beet, they will fall in love.  In Africa, beets are used as an antidote to cyanide poisoning.

Rich in:  Beets contain an abundance of minerals: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, iodine, iron, manganese, chlorine, and copper, as well as traces of the rare metals rubidium and caesium; vitamins  B1, B2, niacin, B6, B12, C, P, and beta carotene; flavonoids; natural sugar, and a good quality and quantity of amino acids.

Internal use:  The part of the beet used medicinally is the root. Beetroot contains anti-tumor, emollient, nutritive, rejuvenative, stimulating, resistance-enhancing properties.  Beetroot helps normalize the ph balance of the body and build the blood.  It also increases the uptake of oxygen by as much as 400 percent.  Beetroot has been used as a supportive therapy in diseases of the liver and fatty liver.  It supports and stimulates the liver, gallbladder, kidney, and spleen and increases the flow of bile.  Beets have been used successfully in conditions of acne, anemia, cancer, diverticulitis, dysmenorrhea, hepatitis, jaundice, nausea, hypoglycemia, leukemia, poor circulation, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, and dysentery.  Beetroot helps combat acidosis and aids the natural process of elimination and detoxification.  The beet juice, being an excellent solvent for inorganic calcium deposits, is valuable in the treatment of hypertension, arteriosclerosis, heart trouble, and varicose veins.

How to prepare:  To prepare beets, remove the leaves and wash the roots in cold water using a soft vegetable brush.  It takes about two hours to cook the beets in the oven or boil them in salt water.  The skin should be removed before the use.  My favorite beet salad is boiled and grated beets with pickles and an organic salad dressing and lots of sunflower seeds (to prepare the seeds correctly, see the heading “sunflower seeds” in this book).  The leaves, like all green vegeta­bles, should be cooked with a small amount of water and only for a short time.  

Beetroot can be grated and eaten raw.  Raw beetroot may be peeled, diced, and sautéed in butter.  It can also be added to salads.  Very small beetroots are preserved in vinegar and used in making pickles.

To prepare a great booster after an illness, juice one medium beetroot, one to two apples and two to three medium carrots (no need to cook the beetroot first).

To increases its medicinal value, add a teaspoonful of lime juice to beetroot juice.  It can be used as a liquid food in case of jaundice, hepatitis, nausea and vomiting due to biliousness, diarrhea, dysentery, and other diseases.  Fresh beet juice mixed with a tablespoonful of honey and taken every morning before breakfast helps the healing of gastric ulcer.

Beet juice, combined with the juices of carrot and cucumber, is one of the finest cleansing materials for the kidneys and gall bladder. It is highly beneficial in all disorders relating to these two organs.

External use:  The water in which beet roots and tops have been boiled makes an excellent application for boils, skin inflammation, and outbreaks of pimples andpustules (in this case the white beet is better).  For an irritable skin the body should be sponged down with a mixture of three parts of beet water to one part of white vinegar.  This mixture is useful also as a skin wash in case of measles and eruptive fevers and as a hair wash in case of scurf or dandruff.  

If this article was helpful to You and You would like to share it with someone else, You are more than welcome to copy it.  But You are requested to add my name - Eve Juurik - and my website address - http://www.TheSpringOfLife.net - to the article.  All the material is copyrighted.  Thank You!
Many blessings & success to You,

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