Thursday, 27 September 2012

US Troops... Get Out of New Zealand !!!

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key hosted Leon Panetta, US Secretary of Defense to a 'Garden Tour' of our small fairly pristine nation last week.  It seems that Mr Panetta and Mr Key are looking backwards... trying to reestablish old tri-national military ties under the ANZUS agreement (Aussie, NZ and US). 

The NZ public under the leadership of then Prime Minister David Lange, effectively snubbed its nose at the US during the 1980's "Nuclear Free" protests.  This call, which still holds as law today, included banning nuclear powered US naval vessels from coming into NZ ports.  Mr Key looks like he's poised to sell us down the dunny (big surprise, yeah... ) while the likes of Panetta is handed the proverbial 'back-scratcher'.  

Key's up to his old tricks again playing it up for his old FOREX buddies State-Side.  Once a bankster banker/ foreign currency fraudster  investor, always a bankster banker.  Key's old mate and boss Alan Greenspan (ex-Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Bank, privately-owned racketeering pyramid ponzy scheme that controls US money-flow) !!! *red flag right there*  would be very proud of "John the Con" right now for continuing to advance the Global Agenda !!   ref: UN "Agenda 21", links below...

AND... we have to ask the really obvious question:

WHY would NZ WANT  the planet's biggest aggressor, war-monger and agent of genocide globally, on our soil ???

WE DON'T  !!!!

16:00 Sun Sep 23 2012

"The possibility of having US troops based in New Zealand has been raised by US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta... "

Is this going to be the 'skyline' for NZ in another few years' time if Key gets his way...   ??? Speaking 'skyline'  ... maybe it IS all about the Second Sun that's approaching as this video asserts ???   Political subterfuge and such...  Keeping the general population uninformed   :-/   Enjoy the music at least   : )
- Bron

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