Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sombreros Regain Popularity !!!

Police mull ‘eyes in the sky’.

by travellerev

Well that didn't take long did it? A decision will be made in 6 months!!! And while we're at it, why risk a policeman's life? Might as well arm them and shoot "terrorists" criminals from a distance!
New Zealand police are investigating whether to use unmanned aerial vehicles, which would act as spies in the sky.
The vehicles are often small and could be used to take video footage and photos from the air. They are discreet because of their size and have been labelled as "eyes in the sky".
Police in the United States have been given consent to use the airborne drones, while police in the United Kingdom say they see the unmanned cameras "as part of our future".
New Zealand police say they may also be part of ours.
National Crime Manager Detective Superintendent Rod Drew said police were currently evaluating the use of the vehicles.
A decision would be made in about six months.

What the ??  Who the ??   Cain't see nuttin' !!!

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