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New Zealanders didn't vote in 2011. Look what we ended up with for our Prime Minister !! A freaking ex: Foreign Exchange Trader, ie: Finance lacky for 'Big Brother' Alan Greenspan.

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"In two months we Americans will go to the polls once again to decide who the president will be for the next four years. We will not be allowed to vote on those who wield the true power in this country. On November 6th we will not vote for the chairman of ExxonMobil or JPMorgan Chase or Citibank or the Premier of China. That day will come, but not this year."

This is the opening paragraph of an article by Michael Moore entitled: 

If you live in one of the states where the GOP has instituted voter suppression you’ll first need to make sure that you will be allowed to vote If you’re poor, female, a student, or a minority, it’s vital that you start NOW to make sure you have whatever ridiculous documentation that will be required.  The GOP is playing a game to confuse and intimidate you into not voting, because margins are often tiny — 

If they can get you not to vote, they win.  
It’s that simple.  

In some states the obstruction of legal voters was egregious enough to require federal judges to order it stopped.  In Ohio, early voting on Sunday after church had been a big tradition in these areas where people tend to work at low-wage jobs and cannot take off work to vote on weekdays.  

In Pennsylvania, another swing state,  the GOP implimented difficult rules for voting.  Suddenly elderly people who’d been voting for decades could not vote.  The federal court ordered them to offer free voter ID.  Yet even after the order voters were being denied this ID.

In Texas, the Federal Government has intervened in onerous voter suppression tactics that required an unbelievable amount of documenta-tion.  One persistent couple reported it took 8 visits to the DMV with a variety of different proofs of ID to finally get their voter ID card.


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Is the GOP employing a racist strategy to get Mitt Romney into the White House? Watch this video to find out.

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