Thursday, 13 September 2012

Establish the Attitude of "Active Resistance" Now !!

Don't take the 'passive posture' of a slave.

There are 3 stages of Revolution and they are sequential:

  1. Ideological Resistance:  We have to actively work to wake up as many people as possible... until it reaches 'critical mass'
  2. Civil Disobedience or Non-violent Resistance:  Withhold your money and your obedience from the government and you do everything in your power to bring the gears of the state to a halt...  to bring the regime to its knees
  3. Direct Physical Resistance:  this can only be successful as long as people have developed an attitude of Ideological Resistance...  

So start developing an attitude of Ideological Resistance ... this is where it begins.

WWIII - Understand the elites plans - it's late, Wake Up!

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Guys, spread the truth!

We could ever use intelligence instead of violence. The resistance to evil does not mean having to kill. Isolate not make room, do not give chance to them, let them end up alone. Does not cooperate, do not kill in the name of them, all that is fighting for a greater good for humanity.

Friends understand that we are reaching the point of having to die for interest of few elitist interest, who will take this final chance to control the situation in the world. None of us enjoys violence, but to defend your family and your children, the sacrifice of fighting to exterminate this tumor consuming societies and the planet will be worth it. To combat a disease our body produces antibodies to "fight" for control of the situation, be prepared to be the "antibodies" of our planet to eradicate these malignant tumors of the next generations of our children and grandchildren. 

The time is coming to "cure" or "die." Watch this video with the truths clearly explained to every citizen can understand that the cartel that rules the world must be neutralized as quickly as possible. Do your part, gets together with the good people of your community, this will be a matter of sheer survival of billions of sheep against a bunch of wolves. Anything you can do to prevent the destruction of moral values, in the interests of a minority unhealthy for power and control, will be of great help to the ultimate cause, even the force of your thought against them. The universal forces of harmony, will be on the side of well intentioned in this constant struggle of good versus evil. If we reach the point of fight or die, we must fight, or will never earn the respect of anyone, including our children. Courage for all good men!

Captain Bill - Atlanticobr, August 2012.

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