Tuesday, 25 September 2012

US SAS Coming to Auckland, NZ to Live... Soon !!!

I couldn't resist adding this comment from Aotearoa a wider perspective...  very witty !!  : )


A New SAS training Facility: 

Can You say Haliburton, Mercenaries and the 

First US Bases in 2015 South Of Auckland?

It was announced today on the NZ News that there is to be a new SAS training facility South of Auckland. The SAS which has no scheduled deployments except revenge attacks on villagers who may or may not have been involved in rebel activities against foreigners in their country seems to need a brand spanking new training facility South of Auckland favourably positioned right next to some of the poorest Maori youth dense areas to pick up cannon fodder from.

According to the Minister of Defence the SAS needs this because “you never know” what’s next...  Perhaps those next war efforts John Key was not talking about !!

Minister of defence Coleman with US secretary of defence Panetta

The facility is going to be build by a FOREIGN designer and I don’t know about you but Haliburton comes to mind. they are after all the biggest war profiteer and specialised in building these bases training camps. They are also the biggest employer of mercenaries and will no doubt supply New Zealand with the latest and greatest in training to get our boys to the top of their performance as killers for the empire. We are not allowed to know how much all this is going to cost because it might drive prices for quotes up but I’m thinking we are not allowed to know how big the first US bases South of Auckland will be and how many US Marines will come over to help train our boys to work on buses, trains and oil platforms. Oh oops did I just mention civilian targets. No worries, I’m sure they are in Syria, Iran and other faraway places with little brown people with funny hats.

- by Aotearoaawiderperspective

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