Tuesday, 18 September 2012

"Smart Meter Receives Labotomy"

My electricity retailer was unwilling to remove entirely the "Advanced Meter" that they had installed a year ago...

But because of my implacable stance backed with some fast-study of facts... information I have now posted on this site, you too can fight your own good fight... And Genesis Energy agreed to remove the Modem from my Smart Meter...  Yay !!!!   It feels so GOOD !!!!

"Right triumphs over Might"
Please also...

Take Your Stand !!!!

Take your stand and say, "No !!!"

Information to help you in your cause is found in the September 2012 archives.  Please feel free to contact myself or Steve Hart for any advice...  Freely given

- Bron



"... Both local ELF fields and far-fields of RF/MW radiation expose the whole human body and induce electric currents that flow through the body seeking “earth”. The electric current induces the formation of magnetic fields, creating the combined electromagnetic field. The induced electric currents primarily flow through the strong conduction high water organs, circulation system and bone marrow. They also flow through the electrical conduction fibres of the Central Nervous System. The oscillating electromagnetic signals damage the DNA in the exposed cells the current is flowing through, generating cell death and mutations that primarily lead to Leukaemia and Lymphoma..."   

- NZ study of San Francisco Peninsula (2002)  Dr. Neil Cherry


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