Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Call for the UN to Represent All Nations... Not Just The Cabal !!!

'–°urrent world order based on injustice': Ahmadinejad full 2012 UN speech

Published on Sep 26, 2012 by 
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's eighth address to the UN General Assembly was defined mostly by its absences: The Syrian conflict and an infamous anti-Muslim film weren't mentioned, and the US delegation wasn't present in the chamber - READ MORE


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Please persevere with this video for the first 5 minutes or so...  until the English translation is turned up so you can hear it properly.  This is a great Universal speech...  regardless of whether we think Ahmaninejad is a good man or not.  He expresses prayers to Jesus towards the end of his speech...  and talks about the return of Jesus to Earth.  I think this speech is well worth listening to a couple of times. I'll see if I can find a transcript. It's a great pity that representatives from the US chose to not attend for this session  : (   That says it all really, doesn't it ??

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