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The Secret to an Unknown Human Power

Original Source:  American Kabuki  (full)Author:  GW Hardin

Thank you AK for sharing this post on your site.  I've not read this article in full 
but i've read parts of this info. on other small studies i've done on subjects such
as toroidals, Tessla, free energy, 4+ dimensionality, bio-resonant propulsion/ 
mind-directed bio-organic transportation systems (as found in Interstellar vehicles), 
The Resonance Project. org and so on...  

GW here draws together a lot of information and synthesises some ideas 
around the relationship between (human) DNA and the tesseract.  If this is 
your first time approaching this material, be kind to yourself...  Unless you're 
a freak of nature or maybe an 'indigo child', you probably won't get this stuff 
on your first go.  Just have a read-through, pick up what you can, do a little 
research (there's plenty of good visuals on YouTube) and become familiar 
little by little.

We are multi-dimensional beings...  be kind and you will be surprised at how 
much of this information will make complete sense to you in such a short 
amount of time.  These are the secrets of Who We Really Are that the 
Control System has tried to hide from us   : )  It's our 'second nature' to 
know this stuff.  Relax...  no pressure.  Just 'remember' who you are...

Thanks Obi-Wan Kabuki  : )

The Secret to an Unknown Human Power
by GW Hardin

... I will present three revelations that showed up around this picture:

What is this picture? And where did it come from?

Why the celestials want humanity to know about it’s secret.

What is the DNA tesseract? And why is it so important?

...  For years, information has shown up from unknown sources on disappearing and reappearing thumb drives locked in safes, apparently for the purpose of bringing forth information that I have begun to present on one of my websites: This latest mystery is connected to that information and articles I have written on that website. This latest mystery is also connected to a series of angel appearances (not channelings) I have written about in two other books around a man named Joseph Crane (

So when this latest picture showed up on Matt’s computer out of nowhere, I knew there was a
reason. And thanks to American Kabuki, I can reveal part of that information...

This mystery object is not a 4D buckyball. Nor is it a truncated icosahedron or a dodecahedron.
In the mathematical world this object is called a hecatonicosachoron.

As a 4D operating graphic you can go to this YouTube video and see how it operates in 4D/3D

You get even a better perspective of how this complex configuration operates in 3D space at:

rotating 3D projection. It’s mind-boggling...  

This spinning of the hydrogen electron cloud causes the creation of vortexes. And these vortexes 
are the generators of scalar waves throughout the human body. The human body is a de-facto 
massive collection of DNA tesseract gateways. See my article on DNA geometry at:

This now gets us into the punch line of this article.

Why the Celestials Want Humanity to Know About It’s Secret

A little over a week ago there were two appearances by Archangel Gabriel, one to a young 9 year-
old girl, the other to a tribal Elder of the Sioux. Both parties contacted Matthew Michaels to let him
know what had happened, because he had worked closely with both these people. I have not met 
the Elder but I did assist Matt in working with the young girl, who two years ago began speaking in 
a strange language, which frightened her mother. I discovered that this young girl was in fact speak-
ing ancient Latin, quoting a famous work of Socrates. The tribal Elder is considered a medicine 
woman and held in high regard by her tribe. Gabriel had left both of them with the same two 

The time of darkness for humanity has come to an end.

The angelic realm has bound itself to the realm of humans.

In the Joe Crane material, appearances of Archangel Michael included a statement repeated three 
times over a 12 year period:  “Our kind wishes to bind with your kind.”

In the last two years, I was involved in situations where it was found out that only recently have 
other star nations discovered that humanity is among the most SPIRITUALLY advanced species 
of the universe. And the reason why stems from information from a very high order of extra-
dimensional beings called the Elohim, who revealed in this last year that secretly buried in human 
DNA is angelic DNA, at the heart of our spiritual advancement. Naturally, most people would 
yell, “No way!” Look what we’ve done to each other, and what we’ve done to our planet. If 
you will research the Internet you will find information released by government whistle-blowers 
that will reveal that for millennia we have been dumbed down so as not to realize our own greatness.
You will even find a version of the truth of this revelation in one of the books from the Nag 
Hammadi Library, called “The Apocryphon of John.” I could write a book about this.

So these two latest appearances by Gabriel are a formal announcement that humanity not only 
is one with the angelic realm, but also that humanity will no longer suffer from those who have 
ruled from the darkness.

Three articles of mine speak more as to how all this will happen:

What is the DNA Tesseract?  And Why Is It So Important?

... What Dr. Meyl has discovered is that human DNA can be the bedrock of telepathy, and scalar 
wave technology the source of an entirely new telecommunications system that can still work 
with cell phones but in a faster, cheaper, and far more environmentally safe way. Meyl has 
brought together the mystery of Tesla, the Black Hole/ White Whole model of Nassim Haramein, 
and the mathematics of nature as found in Marko Rodin’s work. He has done this in such a way 
that humanity will soon find out that we possess within us a power we never dreamed possible—
the Power of Wellness, the Power of Wholeness, and the Power of Oneness. And this power gives 
us the ability to collectively recreate Eden on Earth. And honestly, we don’t even have to wait.

- GW Hardin

AK NOTE: A PDF file of this article is available here:

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