Thursday, 20 September 2012

"Thanks" from Bron

This is a wee "Thank you" to everyone who has come to visit my blog since I started it in May 2012. There has now been nearly 10,000 Views  : )   Thank you for your support.  I hope you are receiving some benefit from reading my Posts.  I hope these topic are things that interest you too.

Peace to the World...
We Are One.

Love from New Zealand
Bron  xx

PS.  I have been spending a lot of time off-line lately after running that series on Smart Meters, Radio Frequencies and Electomagnetic Frequencies which disrupt the natural 'flow' in our bodies.  I'm starting to 'detox' from all the electrics and digital systems in my house...  So I may not update this blog as often as I had been.  If things urgent or interesting come into view, I will certainly post.  Until such time...

Take care ~
Au revoir   : )

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