Thursday 15 November 2012

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Posted on: November 12, 2012UTHOR INFORMATION

This is a public document produced under ©2012 copyright protection to the Author: Neil Menzies. It is produced as a living document for all humans and is only protected for the purpose of preventing corruption to the document by contrary interests. This summary is a synthesis of generations of research undertaken by many individuals and groups. It is provided to offer clarity to the combined position of all men, women and children. It is with this knowledge and the realisation and understanding of, that will allow us with compassion, to work towards living together united in peace and harmony. 

This document is provided as a response to the current circumstances, environments and activities of the “Corporations” that now affect and or rule all natural persons. It sets out in plain English (as distinct from legal ease), statements of fact regarding natural person’s entitlements. These are valid in their own right and as such are therefore facts. 

It cites specific examples of Proclamations, Legislation Constitutions and Statements such as the “Magna Carta” in support of our inalienable rights. If it is the activities and actions of a Corporation that has lead us to a false or implied belief as a result of those activities and actions, that belief may also be construed as a fact that is the responsibility of those Corporations. 

The Corporations' actions have created a world that only exists in contract law, which is the primary law under Admiralty. In fact it is a created fa├žade that is unnatural and not a process of evolution. Admiralty Law has no rights over real people, it only deals with commerce, trade, money, business arrangements, entities and contracts. 

Common Law (inclusive of the Courts of Chancery and Equity) is the law relating to real people, the Land and Monarchs. This position statement takes into account history and its evolutionary processes of Business, Commerce and Banking, the Justice System, Government and their interactions with Community, Culture, Humanity and the planet as a whole. 

We are lifting the veils of secrecy and confusion set by the Corporations and re-establishing our sovereignty over ourselves and them, through education, knowledge and demands for them to comply with the Laws; the Lore of God, Common Law, Admiralty Law as well as Planetary Lore.

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