Friday 23 November 2012

Living Mother Earth Speaks to Us

I saw and 'felt' our Alive Mother in a dream a week or so ago. I just had to post this. Please take this literally  : )   Thanks, Bron.

[My] Dear One, 

It is my pleasure to talk to you! That you are aware of Me in this all-embracing Consciousness, is a sign of your own Union with the Universal Spirit. What you perceive therefore is My Consciousness, and It has indeed no center and no periphery, no depth and no height, as it is all-encompassing, the Origin of all My Creations, comprising My old and My new body and all beings who live there.

However remember, that My Consciousness is at the same time One with Energy/ Shakti. And Shakti is the Power of Manifestation, but also the Power of liberation from the bondage to Creation.

For example your physical body is a manifestation, existing on My old form, and as such it is not formless, but is appearing with a certain form and measurements. Therefore the question is whether you focus on form or pure Consciousness, on particle or wave, you could say.

To unite with Me in the Yoga of the earth-sky Meditation, requires your compliance with your body, in regard to my body. It is only a matter of point of view. From the point of view of the body, you can connect with my Planetary Inner Core, and if you do this, I respond as you know, in a way that you can perceive physically-energetically and as an impulse in your heart.

When you then connect with the Galactic Center that you can feel above your head while you receive an energetic response, you experience My energies uniting with the energies from the Galactic Center in your heart. These united energies are establishing a complete new Quantum-Energy that conveys a specific Information. Of course, this Information also carries consciousness and is manifesting itself in a certain, unique quality of light, energy or shakti.

The consciousness of this Information can however not be compared with the All-encompassing Consciousness, as Which you perceive Me and Which has no qualities, as described above, and Which does not know Center or Periphery. Although the consciousness of the Information that signifies my Union with the Galactic Center in your heart, seems to be infinite as well, it is different from All-encompassing Consciousness by the attribute of quality. This is like an overlay on the All-encompassing Consciousness, and allows the intuition of It. But it is not identical to the Unqualified Consciousness, this “void”, neutral and silent stillness, like the eye of a Cyclone. Rather the quality of the union between Me and the Galactic Center carries the characteristic of vibration or manifestation.

Most human beings do not consider Me to be Pure Consciousness but are perceiving primarily My physical and energetic existence. But who perceives Me as pure Consciousness, is granting me unrestricted Freedom to develop and elevate my physical existence in a way that is not governed or directed by limiting mental programs, and supports the imminent evolutionary quantum leap in the by Me [sic] desired highest potential.

Therefore in reality, you did not move away from Me, but you have united with Me fundamentally, Where We Are One with All and Everything! And I thank you for this!

Remember however that there is no creation in the Zero-point Itself, as It is the Cradle of all possibilities and creations. It is the still point where every human heart should retire. Because it is the background on which new creations appear in their highest possible, Divine Potential. Therefore they are in perfect accordance with the Will of the Highest Creator, untouched by the units of smaller wills, that are necessarily subject to limitations.

Who desires to participate in the Creation of My New World in the most perfect way can do so while entering the Zero-point of the Heart, and who by transcending the personal will, OBSERVES the New Creation to emerge!

You will discover, that the first creation in this process is LOVE, that rises like the morning sun, or that unfolds like the fragrance of a blossoming, splendid red rose. And a projection line appears, and on its horizon the ecstasy of joy radiates its presence everywhere. You can observe on this projection line all Creations, that constitute My New, fifth dimensional Existence. These Creations are born in the pure, undivided Consciousness of the Heart, and are not created by the mind that is based on the realm of dual pairs, and that has been utilized so far by most of humanity for manifestation.

Such a mind always creates a world that follows the laws of duality. It can therefore not create a true Divine world of Oneness because it creates with the intention to project from one another separated objects, gross or subtle. The emphasis is on the separateness of a consciousness, that is limited to mere brain consciousness.

As long as your brain is not transformed yet and functions on two, from one-another-separated-halves, it operates from a consciousness that is not able to serve the Pure Will of the Highest Creator. Therefore is is not advisable to utilize merely the brain as instrument to bring forth the New Creation. It just cannot do it. Worlds created in this manner, are always limited, faulty and are subject to the laws of duality and separation.

As your existence is already increasingly changing by the presence of a new dawning consciousness and its mighty energies, you will experience difficulties to manifest your desires, as long as you work with the mere frequencies of the brain.

To flow with the New Creation it is necessary to enter your heart, to locate the Space of Stillness and to WAIT for the Signals that unite your newly unfolding life with the Will of the Highest Creator. In this Union you will experience the Oneness you all desire. On the Grounds of this Unity also your Truly Divine and authentic Creations unfold, whereby your individual creations are in perfect Harmony with the Creative Intention of the Highest Creator.

I embrace you all with My Blessings and with My Love! May these words inspire you and lead you toward Divine Deeds.


- Message conveyed by Ute


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