Thursday 15 November 2012

Resignations, Strikes, Protests, Convictions... It's all happening NOW !!

Mass Resignations Now Underway

2012 NOVEMBER 14

Strange Elite Exodus: Why So Many Simultaneous Resignations?

By Disclose TV – November 12, 2012
When wooden ships were in common use, there were always rats on board. If the rats knew that the ship was in trouble and sinking, they would jump off and swim away to safety. Unlike the captain and sailors trying to save the ship, the rats would just run away. And, so the phrase “like rats deserting a sinking ship” was born, referring to those who ditch what they see as a lost cause to save themselves.

Do the so-called elite believe that end times are near? Are they quietly leaving the scene on their Lear jets and literally and figuratively heading for the hills. Like rats deserting a sinking ship, are they slipping away in the dead of night to their secret and hopefully safe enclaves.

In recent days, a conspicuous number of high-level officials have tendered resignations, many within the past three days alone...

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Anti-Austerity Strikes Sweep Southern Europe

2012 NOVEMBER 14
(Reuters) – Spanish and Portuguese workers will stage the first coordinated general strike across the Iberian Peninsula on Wednesday, shutting transport, grounding flights and closing schools to protest against spending cuts and tax hikes.
Unions in Greece and Italy also planned work stoppages and demonstrations on a “European Day of Action and Solidarity” against austerity policies, which labor leaders blame for prolonging and worsening the continent’s economic crisis.

Barclays Ordered to Reveal Names of 208 Staff Linked to Libor Scandal

2012 NOVEMBER 14
Lawyers for Barclays will on Wednesday disclose the names after a High Court judge ordered the bank to hand them to the legal team of a care home operator that is suing the bank for mis-selling it complex interest rate derivatives.
The disclosure follows an attempt by Barclays to argue against the need for disclosure. However, Mr Justice Julian Flaux said on Tuesday that it was “unacceptable” to deny access to the names.

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