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Be Love. 12 Nov 2012 Arcturian Message.

Galactic Federation of Light Arcturians November-12-2012

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Karen Doonan: Arcturians Message for 12 Nov. 2012

Greetings beloved ones we are the Arcturians and we are here to help support and to further free the human heart from the deeply held emotions that you as a human being have been taught to store and to prevent you from expansion. It is the wrapping of grief around the human heart that has contained and suppressed the human race and it is this grief that is now pouring out across and within the human race at this time.

We are here to guide further on this process and help you gain clarity of inner vision in relation to this deeply held grief. As a race you have been taught by those who trained you to keep SELF in a lower vibration, that grief is inevitable and that you will be numbed by the grief that you carry for eternity. This is NOT TRUTH and we are here to help you dissolve this teaching so that you may reveal the TRUTH hidden in plain view. For you came to this planet to live life as a human being in order to experience all emotions available to you as a member of the human race.

The teachings taught to this race over and over have created patterns of grief and hatred that have chained the SOUL to the human vehicle in a way that is akin to pouring concrete into your boots and asking you to walk miles. It is extremely difficult to experience life on planet earth when it is filtered so heavily and so densely. We are here to help you unlock the heart for the heart is the key to the universe. LOVE is the answer, no matter the question dear ones and we are here to help you move through this process with ease.

Many of you may now be in the deep throes of grief, this grief re-activated by memories of those lost in wars that have taken place upon and within plant earth and we guide that this grief must now heal. For in the healing is the release that your SOUL craves and that your human vehicle now struggles with. For the grief is not only stored within the heart of the human vehicle it is stored within the very cells of the human vehicle. It is then transferred down through the generations of human vehicles that are born onto the planet. ALL holding the cellular memories of grief and hatred and all becoming harder and harder to function within.

YOU ARE NOT your human vehicle, the human vehicle akin to a car which is able to transport you across the planet yet many are shielded from this TRUTH and now are experiencing the rapid break downs of their human vehicles. The denser, lower energies beginning to break down the cellular structure of the human vehicle in the form of illness and disease.

This can be reversed but the process entails allowing the deeply held emotions a release and a healing and we guide we are here to help ALL with this process. The new energies are supportive and this is being shown across the planet as human being reaches out to human being and as the hearts of many now open fully. The outpouring of grief should be seen as the start of the healing process that it is in TRUTH and not something that you have been taught, for you have been taught to protect the grief at all costs. You have been taught to keep holding onto the grief and to use it for fuel for the human vehicle. The tears that are cleansing have been taught to be withheld, further patterning the cells of the human vehicle for destruction. For the human body was designed to be fuelled with the LOVE that IS. This is the very fabric of the universe and this is the fuel for the human vehicle.

Akin to putting diesel in a petrol car you have been taught to apply the wrong nourishment to your human form and this has resulted in patterns of disease and illness manifesting within the human vehicle and within families who work to keep hold of the deeply taught teachings at any cost.

Now as the new earth energies begin to unlock the heart and the emotions begin to spill out we ask that you hold SELF in the LOVE that IS, that you allow the LOVE that IS to pour around you and through you for it is re-energising you from cellular level outwards. The process may appear to be challenging at first but as the LOVE that IS takes hold and begins to repair your cells and to support your energies then this will be shown clearly. For your inner vision will start to clear, you will start to remember who YOU ARE in TRUTH and YOU will begin once more to FEEL the family that has been denied to you for aeons.

We are part of that family and we hold you now dearest beloved ones in a warm embrace. May our LOVE for you begin to dissolve the deeply held patterns of containment, may our LOVE for you begin to clear and hone your inner vision and may you realise that YOU ARE LOVED beyond measure, for ALL ARE ONE. We are your brothers and sisters from Arcturus and WE ARE YOU.

Federation Light-Ships with different colour,size,shape july 2012

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Please understand and be aware youtube is blocking this channel.The dark side does not want you to know the truth.Youtube is able to block certain channels-videos from getting views-publicity.The videos presented in this channel are made only for education purposes.

The purpose of this channel is to help earth human to understand what are the "strange lights in the sky" that many earth people are seeing/filming.The lights that many people are seeing/filming are space ships that belongs to
benovelent extraterretrials.They are appearing in the sky
to help earth humans to understand that all the universe is inhabited by
many different benevolent beigns.The earth "goverments" are lying about the existence of extraterrestrials.They are aware what are the "strange lights in the sky".They are only pretending they dont know.They
have given the name "Ufo" to confuse earth people to think it is unknown and to create fear.The truth is that they are aware what the objects in the sky are and who is controlling them.We from the Galactic federation of light have contacted the earth "goverments" multiple times.They have refused to cooperate or acknowledge us.



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