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8 Minutes - Centre of Galactic Alignment @ 11:56-12:04 Dec 22, 2012 (CST)

"The coming consciousness will change patterns in the brain... There's no reason to be afraid. Every element of nature is easily able to be controlled by humans... First we need to understand our own bodies and then work with science... but we are governed by our emotions. Emotions just teach you to control other people...  Remember, when you're using your LED lights (mercury), transmit your love and illuminate the people...  It works!!!  ... We've done so many experiments in Mexico.  Everything is very positive... The amplification of the process will be world-wide... "     - Ac Tah

I thought this was interesting video.  
It's another perspective on 12-21-12   : )

Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012

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Ac Tah, of the Mayan people, gave a talk in Santa Monica last month. In this exerpt he speaks about what is happening around December 21st 2012 and it's significance to the world. His heritage is authentic. Check out his website for lots more information and to see the work Ac Tah and a lot of other dedicated people are doing.... www.actah2012.com

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Personal thoughts  

  • Regarding the first part of this video and the anticipated 'Pole Shift' Ac Tah talks about: I think this sounds like a lot of speculation and some crazy science... but who knows ~ Maybe a Pole Shift could be manipulated by the science community at this time. To me, it sounds a bit like:
"We think they're going to attempt a Pole Shift so we have set up a system to stop what they're doing. Therefore, when it doesn't happen, you can thank us for this non-event."

  • I like the idea of us being 'human magnets'    : )   
  • Pyramids are being placed throughout the US for protection of the people and the environment to prevent an induced Pole Shift from happening.  I think all of this is highly speculative...  but i'm open to any possibility  : )  

Transcript of the Question time  (exerpts)  

What happens after the change in consciousness?  
We're going to take this consciousness...  It's like suddenly having an idea. This idea you have in your mind for a little while. If you don't bring the idea to fruit, the idea will lose its force and fade [in it's intensity]. This is the same for the alignment and the change in consciousness. The energy is going to last for 8 minutes. People will realise this is true, we're going to live in peace... but if we don't do anything about it, people will think it's just an emotion, that's it. With the pyramids we are creating, we are hoping the vibration will stay for around 3 months to establish the consciousness, so people can have time to create social groups, create plans, and begin to create another way of living.  This is the awakening.

How can we prepare ourselves for that moment?
Have a pen and paper ready.  There will be many ideas coming out.  Write them all down so later on you can figure out which ones are helpful. Already, we are prepared... we are within the moment.  We just need this impulse. Continue doing what you're doing.  You don't have to change - continue doing whatever you know how to do... There's nothing better than anything else.  Everything has prepared us for this knowledge... Within a moment we will achieve that unity... but 'unity' does not mean we all do the same thing. It means we all learn to co-exist with all of us doing our own ways.

What time does the 8 minutes happen?
It starts at about mid-day on the 21st (US Central time - Central America) which is when the alignment begins and ends on the 23rd around mid-day. So if you look in the centre of that time, this will be the centre of the alignment. It's like the full moon which lasts for 3 days...  but the actual 'full moon' only lasts for about 8 minutes. (ie: the Centre of the Alignment is from 11:56-12:04 on 12-22-12 CST)

Is it true about the 3 days of darkness?
Because of this planetary alignment, in the first day is when the moon aligns and we'll have a solar eclipse.  On the 2nd day we'll have another eclipse with Venus.  In the morning on the 3rd day is when the night will prolong itself...  So they're like eclipses which don't generate anything within the human body... The eclipses are just markers... What we're paying attention to is the electro-magnetic impact of the centre of the galaxy with the Sun... It won't be like night-time. It's an eclipse... more like a sunset.  

So what's happening with the alignments that will effect our electricity?
It's not something that we need to be afraid of, this darkness...  It's just become very sensation-alised. Even now we're experiencing problems with our electricity. Yes, it will become more intense.

Is the ascension going to happen on the 21st December?
To ascend is to become consciousness. We must remember that everything we 'think' is what we must take action on...  If you continue needing money, then you're in the same dimension as you always were.  If we arrive to a higher dimension that means that everything will change.

Conclusion:  When you hug each other, let the palms of your hands hug the back so you can feel the vibration of the person you're hugging.


If you want to join a Global Meditation for the 8 minutes, 11:56-12:04, which is said to be the very Centre of the Galactic Alignment Central America time on 22 December, you can work it out by going to:



LocationLocal timeTime zoneUTC offset
Guatemala (Guatemala)Saturday, 22 December 2012 at 11:55:00 a.m.CSTUTC-6 hours
Hamilton (New Zealand)Sunday, 23 December 2012 at 6:55:00 a.m.NZDTUTC+13 hours
Corresponding UTC (GMT)Saturday, 22 December 2012 at 17:55:00


Alternative meditation time:

The 2012 Scenario are going with a Collective Meditation time of 11:11 GMT on 21 December. This sounds reasonable. btw. Their countdown clock is out by 1 hour. Add 1 more hour and you'll be right.  Again, please check on Time and Date.com to synchronise your time.  Thanks.



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  1. Is the "window of time" based on Greenwich time or Cairo Egypt's time? Thanks.

    1. Hi Bradley ~ In a phrase: Central American time : )

      It's a REALLY BIG WINDOW according to Don Alejandro who is the leading elder amongst the modern-day Mayans. In Mayan time-keeping it seems to be about 'cycles' and watching the ebb and flow of energies and observing the various manifestations in the environment rather than the Western/ Gregorian view of calendar-keeping of fixed days and fixed times : )

      In this video however, the Mayan leader Ac Tah, who is said to be a reputable sort of fellow, DOES very specifically state that the dates of interest are from 21-23 December. Ac Tah also is very specific that the mid-point of these dates is where the greatest/ highest amount of ascension energy can be experienced within... That happens to be "around mid day" on the 22nd of December 2012. ref: question above (transcript), "What time does the 8 minutes happen?"

      Since Ac Tah and the Mayans are from Central America and I think this video is shot in Central America, it seems reasonable that Ac Tah is talking about midday 22nd December, HIS time regarding the "8 minute window of time". That's what i've based the above timing synchronisation on anyway, ie: Guatemala time : )

      Why would the Mayans use Greenwich, Egypt or other times right? Their experience is in Central America : )


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