Wednesday 7 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy: before and after pics.

Mantoloking, NJ in Google Earth. 

Below: Oct. 31, 2012. Aerial photo taken from a helicopter shows storm damage from Superstorm Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy: The Craziest Before and After Shots

Hurricane Sandy: The Craziest Before and After Shots

What happens when everything gets broken all at once ???   : (    I guess that's where our humanity kicks in...  and we stop thinking about time and effort in terms of money.  'Time' becomes about compassion and sharing. Our 'Effort' is given freely. This is our true human state. The "overlay" of Competition, Consumption and Individualism is The Illusion. 

"Competition, Individualism, Judgement and Lack" runs the illusory "developed world". It's not "developed" at all. It's just plain old "DIS-CONNECTED". Events like Sandy and the Christchurch NZ earthquakes give people the opportunity to reconnect with each other and figure out what the important stuff really is.

"Sharing, Inclusion and Acceptance" is at the heart of Who We Really Are. The "overlay" of the Industrial Complex educates us to be competitive, put high value on individual achievement, judges us and tells us how we 'rate' in this world and sells us a belief in a world of "lack" - There is never "enough" is there ??  ... which is so untrue... But this fear-based belief is the primary fuel that keeps the wheels of this Illusory world turning. We have been taught to want and need MORE - MORE - MORE. All of this makes us into good little "bio-robots" slaving away under a system that chews us up and spits us out when we are no longer of any use to it.  Reject the "overlay".  It's not real.  Come back to you HEART and return to Humanity.  Let's not be separate any more.  


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