Sunday 18 November 2012

Be One

Galactic Messages Of Light Arcturian Group November 18 2012

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"Dear ones, again we lovingly greet you in these times of much seeming chaos. It is the clearing of old and dense energies that present as the storms and weather related issues you are seeing on dear Gaia. Gaia is a living soul, not a piece of dirt to be used as a dumping ground and endless resource. She has chosen to ascend out of these dense and debilitating energies. Like you, she too must release and clear that which is still held within her energy field in order to bring in the higher dimensional light. These events are also serving to bring people out of the dense hypnotism of their current addictions to technology. When these events happen, people begin to once again interact and speak to each other in caring and loving ways, instead of allowing themselves to be isolated within technology which only serves to separate.

"The Arcturian Group today wishes to speak of love and how it is the connecting energy between all living things. We see so much distortion of the word love. Everything in life is interpreted through the state of consciousness of the individual. As with all truth, love has been and still is being largely interpreted ignorantly through false concepts and beliefs. These then in turn, manifest outwardly in the gross and distorted forms of "love" still present throughout the world.

"Often as not, "love" is used as a means for serving one's own selfish desires--a manipulating tool, even when cloaked in mother love, marital love, or even religious love. There is the gross identification of sex as being love which has in turn caused many to experience inner turmoil, emotional pain, and a sense of emptiness. There are those in positions of authority who use the word "love" in their rhetoric in order to get others to do their bidding and often as not it has worked because at the core of every individual is the unconscious awareness that love is very important....  "

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Love is the consciousness of Oneness...  Omnipresent Consciousness...    

All life must be connected because there is only "One Life"

You are evolving Beings of Light.

You are in the "realisation of your own Oneness with Source"

You are ready NOW !!

Time is running short.  It is YOUR choice.

Bron:  Be One

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