Friday 16 November 2012

Nibiru: Public Service Announcement

Object in front of our sun!!! Proof from space - View full screen

Uploaded by  on Nov 20, 2011
Trolls are trying to say that the other planets are not being effected to debunk this video.


Please view this video full screen so that you can see what I am pointing out. There is also three update video's showing more proof from photo's taken from the ground as well. I would suggest watching Object in front of the sun. "Proof from Space" Follow-up, Follow-up1 & Follow-up2. 

In this video there is visual proof that there is something in front of our sun between us and it. Everyday it is getting closer and now you can actually see there is seven or more object orbiting the larger anomally.

These are not to fear monger... As you will notice that I do not say anything about apocalypse or doom... I am just presenting the pictures and video's that have been captured by those of us who have been keeping our "Eyes on the Skies". If more people would do the same we could have a large collection on the internet of proof from every corner of the planet.. Those who perceive these as fear mongering are blinded by their ego and not by truth of heart and love of spirit. One must truely respect and honour the Creator and Mother Earth to be able to truthfully see what is to come and it is not a negative thing either.....

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