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"Hold Onto Your Hats" Change IS NOW !!! 29 Nov 2012

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The following video is an interview with POOF by Brian for the American Kabuki blog.  I am pleased to have Brian as part of the American Kabuki ground crew. I am sure you will enjoy his debut interview for the American Kabuki blog as much as I have.

Poof asked me to delay posting this video because some groundwork for the new financial system was not yet complete, which is why its being released 6 weeks after the fact. Poof informed me Tuesday that I could post this Thursday as the protocols would be completed. I apologize for the delay. I thought it better to delay this video than cause complications in implementing the new financial system which will benefit all.*

There are some interesting revelations in this video, things that I found hard to believe prior to the election but which seem to be bearing true 6 weeks later. There have been a number of positive actions by Obama since his re-election. Most surprising is POOFs revelation regarding the role of Timothy Geithner in all this. 

You may come to the same conclusion as I have about the current buzzword "fiscal cliff" in the cabal oriented media. Its THEIR fiscal cliff, not those of ordinary Americans.  The cabal has always sought to socialize their losses and privatize their profits.   There has been a concerted effort to place this phrase in the public mind by repeating it constantly in the media. I am surprised college students haven't yet created a drinking game for each time a TV personality says the word "fiscal cliff"!  One could get plastered from 15 minutes of watching CNBC!  The cabal wants you to believe their problem is your problem.  There is no cure for this debt, their cure involves centuries of deprivation and slavery to them.  Do you want that?  The math simply doesn't work. The only way out of this is a complete reset and restructuring which removes them from power, and they love power more than money.  No amount of budget cuts will cure this debt. There is no need to panic about the fiscal cliff, there is a new system in place to replace the old.  The old has to go.

PS: Cobra informed me Monday evening that the "Earth Resistance" (with Galactic technology) has confiscated and cleansed Rothschild and Rockefeller gold holdings hidden in their castles, banks, chateaus, and other locations.  Cobra said the source of the tungsten filled gold bars that came to light a few months ago was the handiwork of the cabal. It was an attempt to hide the fact they no longer even have the gold they once had.  The economy is truly running on air now.  

-American Kabuki

American Kabuki Blog Interview with POOF

Published on Nov 29, 2012
American Kabuki contributor Brian interviews POOF about upcoming worldwide banking changes.

Note: This video was made around 18th October 2012, but request was made to not release it. AK was only given permission this week to make this video public... Which is why there's reference to the "coming" US Presidential election.

This post and video make some pretty amazing claims !!  
All we can do is STAY AWAKE !!  


Update:  1 December 2012



  1. The above interview was pulled, I guess at the request of whoever is a 'superior' of POOF's. Are there such things in the domain of the New World we are Co-creating? Any-who... I shall try to remember the guts of the interview that I listened to yesterday:

    Brian asks POOF about his credentials. The reply is that POOF has direct contact with those who are bringing the new financial system in. He reiterates this a couple of times during the interview.

    Brian asks about the credibility of other Bloggers. POOF states that there are just a hand-ful of bloggers who are stating the REAL information without being lippy. Many of the bloggers always were or ARE NOW out of the loop because they don't know how to keep their mouths shut !!

    POOF states that a few weeks ago, de Rothschild 'signed off' on the US Federal reserve bank. This seemed like a fairly vague summation of 'something'. Brian put words in POOF's mouth a couple of times to which POOF agreed. Maybe this is a 'hairy' subject. Maybe POOF is not meant to talk about this at all. POOF affirmed in response to one of Brian's questions about who is running the US Federal Reserve, "The Dragon Family."

    POOF pointed out that newly elected President Obama within days was in China. POOF's assertion is that Obama/ the US is consolidating itself in alliance with China. POOF also pointed out that President Obama went to Canada soon after the election. POOF's comment was, "He wasn't on holiday... he was there on business." I think he added something about a newly elected Canadian representative in global affairs - at least, in the New Global Affairs, as per the swapping of currencies.

    POOF stated that a seamless swap of currencies is what the Agents of Change are hoping for. To this end, the swap from the current Fiat, debt-laden currency to the new Asset-backed/ Gold-backed currency will be done overnight without anyone knowing about it. Globally, everyone's bank accounts will look the same. The difference is that the amount in your account will now be backed by Gold, not by Debt !!

    A very large sum of money per person was flaunted for a few sentences... $300,000 per person on planet earth, I think it was. There was some reference to the idea that each person on earth would have this or a very similar large sum of money deposited directly into their bank accounts at some stage. [interesting idea]

    POOF claimed, like Drake a year ago, to have a 20-year research and contact history. POOF felt that things are going to happen very quickly indeed. We are at the cusp.

    My own comments: I don't wish to cast aspersions as I believe a new Economy is on its way... A new Economy which will rapidly be no longer needed as humanity realises that we are able to function perfectly well WITHOUT money. For thousands of years, people have lived with no need of monetary exchange. My personal belief is that very soon, people will realise that MONEY and the idealisation of MONEY is the very thing that keeps us enslaved. We seek "work" and therefore our own ENSLAVEMENT. How stupid is that ??? Who owned the land originally? No-one. Who owned the plum tree or the bison? No-one. It is all given us freely to enjoy, to establish our homes and raise happy, free children. Who on earth was it who conned us into the idea that we have to PAY for that which the Earth FREELY provides for our well-being. It's a HUGE CON !!! We don't need money !!

  2. This guy really has a nose for the salient points :)

    Buster WayneNovember 30, 2012 3:01 PM

    FED is closed but China is still using it.
    Dragons delivered $750 T to Treasury last week
    All changes done return to Constitutional Law (BAR lawyers can't practice in new courts OR hold public office (as per "lost" 13 amendment)
    Currency from Treasury notes will be exchanged at 1 to 1 ratio
    Our birth accounts have be zeroed out and erased

    Bron's note: this isn't only a US thing. This will effect every person on the planet :) Most countries hold debt to the world banks and the IMF, except for Iceland obviously, who got free a couple of years ago and Venezuela I believe who never brought the crock of **** to lend up large in past decades with the IMF :) This is HUGE !!

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    1. Hi. Why are you soliciting funds on your site to launch a new monetary system, when the new monetary system for the future has already been completed by various other agencies and is ready to be revealed? It doesn't need anyone's money thrown at it to make it happen. It's already done.


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