Friday 9 November 2012

Sedona Conference: Visioning Our New Earth

What is Your Vision and Dream for the New Earth?
Graham: At the 2012 Scenario conferences in Sedona, AZ, conference attendees shared their visions and dreams for the New Earth, which you’ll find below.

We are Powerful Beings and are Co-creating the New Earth together. 
What are your visions and dreams? 

Bron: Here are the thoughts of the 205 conference attendees, plus one thought of my own. I've taken the trouble to categorise the statements as it makes much easier reading. 

  • Truth on every level
  • Love is truth is all there is
  • Love is all there is
  • Love always
  • The love at the 2012 Scenario will be felt by everyone on mother earth
  • Love
  • Love, Light, Peace
  • Love is all that is
  • Love rules
  • Pure Love!
  • Peace and Love Baby!
  • Love is the way home
  • Love is everywhere
  • No judgment – only love
  • I am thankful for unconditional love
  • Unconditional love should be exercised  ??  
  • We give and receive love freely
  • We practice unconditional love
  • We gather in love on a daily basis
  • Harmony, peace and love for all beings
  • Love conquers all fear
  • No fear
  • The absence of fear
  • Abundance for all
  • Money is not required
  • Socially free from need to exchange. Free giving of what we have to offer
  • No need for money or any kind of accounting
  • Money freed up by peace is redistributed
  • What is a tax?
  • Abundance
  • All have food, clothing, and shelter without struggle
  • Inclusiveness – absence of poverty and hunger
  • Food, shelter and clothing for everyone
  • Homes for all which are beautiful, nurturing and connect us to nature and our Divine selves
  • Gaia free of pollution, free of GMO’s
  • A world where herbs and plants and flowers replace chemicals
  • All concrete and man-made structures revert to the earth. Replaced with gardens – we breathe the energy of plants for sustenance
  • All illnesses healed, all handicaps healed
  • Full disclosure of health information and perfect health
  • When big pharmacare is no longer required because the healing power of the cosmos is all we need!
  • All are whole and healthy
  • We enjoy perfect health
  • We do a happy dance with our healthy, immortal bodies
  • Global Reiki healing sanctuaries
  • Elders are valued and looked after
  • My babies are born in the City of Lights
  • All the children are safe and well
  • Children are honored and thrive
  • A system of education that is “wholistic” and based on truth
  • Teachers are honored
  • All our children are safe and loved by supportive family and friends – the entire planet
  • We know our galactic family
  • We enjoy galactic joy rides
  • I have my own space craft
  • Ultra fast and electronic transportation noiseless and no pollution
  • Easy transportation like the UFO’s and/or transporters (free of course)
  • Teleporting – being able to teleport and have lunch with these beautiful people I have met here and connected with
  • SaLusa – where are you?
  • I dream of humans being free, unlimited, and being galactic humans again
  • We’re connecting with our space brothers and sisters. Amen!
  • We can travel in an instant
  • Free air fare, take away all suffering, replace with joy for all
Spiritual Being-Light-Music
  • We embrace our immense power
  • We have access to all spiritual tools to be who we are
  • There is magic! It comes from the heart
  • Frequency is identity
  • We are seen
  • We recognize the Light in ourselves and in one another
  • Everyone feels safe…to Be to Create, Peace and Serenity
  • Full spectrum acceptance
  • Acceptance
  • Cooperation
  • Respect! Acceptance! Love and Light!
  • World full of Light
  • Full spectrum of colors. From diversity to university of life. Oneness
  • Oneness, We are the matrix of the light!
  • Harmony through diversity
  • Harmony through diversity
  • So our heart sings every day
  • To use music to raise the vibrations of billions
  • Music everywhere
  • An eraser for polluted minds to remove negativity, greed, envy, etc
  • The day when the only extinct species is the Cabal
  • Leaders with a high spiritual IQ
  • There is honesty in positions of power
  • No positions of power, only 'Positions of Service'  [Bron]
  • A world where everyone desires to be of service
  • Hold the wisdom and love of creation…and use it to serve!
  • No more Rulers, only Leaders
  • An earth without borders
  • All nations United in love and Peace
  • We are all one – peace in the world
  • Everyone everywhere
  • Sharing all with everyone
  • I see a world where all intentions and creations are based on the foundation where the best of all is taken into account
  • A world that works for every living thing’s highest and best good
  • Forgiveness ends the cycle
Gentle relationships
  • Harmonious relations – balance between genders
  • Co-equal partnership
  • No one feels alone
  • There is no judgment
  • All lessons learned gently in love
  • Energy is free for all
  • Feed ourselves with energies from this room
  • Free energy, clean water
  • Free energy with no pollution
  • I am the one who is the last to turn out the lights
  • We don’t need to eat anymore but have replicators if we want to
  • We won’t have to go to the bathroom anymore
  • We grow our own food
  • Garden of Eden
Expressions of God
  • Om
  • We see our Godselves
  • The youth recognize the God within
  • We are all expressions of God
  • Teens know their Godselves and they participate
  • Universal enlightenment
  • We know our God selves
  • Reach high self
  • God/Goddess realization
  • “I am” – you are too
  • Just to “Be”
  • 2B and Let 2B
  • Let it be
  • Sacred Partnership
No More War
  • War is unthinkable
  • We are free from the war machine: armies, navys, militarys, paramilitary forces
  • All the weapons we used are dematerialized and returned to elemental form
  • Peace vanquishes violence
No More Pain
  • No pain
  • We are free from suffering
  • Animal rescue jobs obsolete
  • All addictions are healed
  • No smoking
  • I endure 
  • No language barrier
  • Language does not form barriers
  • Open communication with all beings, including rocks, plants and animals
  • We can communicate with plants and animals and they with us
  • May all creatures be cherished
  • Kindness to animals
  • Communicate with animals and other life forms
  • Every animal has a home with love
  • Animals are healthy, happy and free and we communicate with them
  • Communication is a mere Thought away!
  • Fairies, elementals, dragons and other groovy beings fly free
  • Adamantine particles
  • We work in cooperation with the divas, the nature spirits, the elementals to clean and heal Gaia
  • We know our guides
  • Everyone knows and communicates with their own loving angels
  • Pollution is non-existent
  • The greening of the world
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Gaia is in her most exquisite and pristine state and we are one with her
  • Earth is restored to her Pristine Beauty and Health, including all life forms on her
  • The planet surface is healed, the planet has Ascended and is repaired
  • We return our planet to her pristine state and preserve those historic sites that make earth/ Gaia a totally special place
  • I intend and create Now perfect Ascension for Gaia and her children! Almighty I am! It is done!
  • We can all appreciate all the wonderful gifts that Mother Earth offers us, for our joy and enjoyment!
Freedom-Time Eliminated
  • All humanity lives in True freedom
  • Say Yes to Freedom, Freedom to choose
  • Living in the Now – no more clocks
  • Soon is now
  • Allowing gratitude
  • Joy is our natural state
  • Everyone to be happy
  • Santa is real
  • Smile and awaken love in everyone you see
  • SMILE = Shared Message In Love Energy
  • Smiles plus hugs equals love for all inhabitants of Gaia
  • Hugs
Unity Consciousness
  • We are One
  • We feel the connection to one another and to all that is
  • All realms, beings, and kingdoms are honored as expressions of the One
  • We are One
  • We’re 1
  • Unity Consciousness – We are all one
  • A world where you can see and feel God’s light in every soul on earth!
  • Sacred partnership
  • Direct communication with Source
  • Where we each reach our full potential and fulfil our missions
  • Make yourself proud…make a difference
  • So all will…do what you love and love what you do
  • Where everyone who came here finds the answers they are looking for and discovers the reasons why they came
  • A world where we no longer struggle to be who we really are
  • Every person realizes the power of their divinity and expresses it with love
The Awakening
  • We are all awake
  • Full consciousness
  • Enlightenment!
  • Return to our source
  • Everyone awake and aware
  • Illumination
  • Full consciousness
End of Separation
  • No prisons
  • We find forgiveness
  • No more borders
  • There is no need for intellectual property
  • Bypass your prefrontal cortex and move in your subconscious

  • Words do not describe
  • The skies will sing the perfect song for our hearts
  • Laughter and joy and happiness for earth and her children
  • We do what brings us joy
  • Humans understand how free we really are when we love ourselves
  • Where all explore and play for the complete joy and love of it
  • Everyone realizes their full creative ability and we create new planets, galaxies and universes!!!
  • Perfect waves – All Ways

I hold this Vision, co-creating with every Brother and Sister a New Earth in Peace, Love and Oneness. Where All sentient Beings on this planet are returned to their true Sovereignty and full Abundance that is our Divine Birthright. Where All have access to Food, Shelter, Clean Water, Health and Education.

I hold the Vision of a Grand Celebration like never before in Earth’s history where All Hearts are open, everyone is joining hands, dancing in the streets, breaking bread together no matter gender, race, creed. There is laughter, joy, peace and harmony throughout the land, air and sea. Even the Animals join in our Celebration!

I hold the Vision that Peace and Love reign in our World forevermore. There are no borders. All the gates are Open! We are Free at last. Free at last!!

I hold the Vision of true Unity within. All sentient Beings and together we restore Gaia to her pristine beauty together we cleanse her oceans, purify her air and refertilize her soul.
I hold the Vision that All will awaken…will remember the Love that we each other are, the beautiful sparks of the Divine that we each are…And we see this in Everyone and Everything around us.

All this, by the Power of God That I am, make manifest with every moment of Now, with every breath I take in Gratitude, and Love for this opportunity to be of Service to Humanity and the Light.

Thy will be done
So be it!

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