Friday 9 November 2012

Smart Meter Articles: Steve Hart. "The Power Struggle"

Steve is a journalist who has graciously set up this wonderful site for the world, which focuses on Smart Meters/ Advanced Meters.  Through using the information on Steve's site and by doing my own research as documented in a number of articles back in September, I was able to make it impossible for my power company to leave in the modem in my Smart Meter.  This was removed immediately, after I made forcible complaints for the 3 consecutive days.  My rationale ??  "Squeaky wheel syndrome".  Them that keep bleating (like a child) are attended to fairly quickly. They 'knew' I would persistently keep phoning them every day - which was my plan -  And it costs any company to have their Call Centres 'manned'.  They want to be in the 'legitimate business' of keeping the money wheels turning...  not fielding calls from irate householders when the solution to simply remove the cell phone modem is much more cost effective for them.  It likely worked out much cheaper to send out their contractor to remove the modem than to keep on paying Call Centre staff to have the same discussion with me day after day  : )   Whatever their reasoning, it obviously got me what I wanted/ needed for my ongoing good health.  I'm not 'rolling the dice' when it comes to lymphoma (lymph node cancer)...  which is but one of very many serious ill-health outcomes that are linked to Smart Meters/ RF's and EMF's, cell phones, Wi-Fi and so on.

Take action now.  Piss off your power company.  Tell them they can not force you to have a Smart Meter.  It is NOT a legal requirement in New Zealand, nor i'm sure in many other countries. Your power company will probably tell you it is a legal requirement as they did with me. This is where you need to have done your homework before you phone your power company and check out the legislation of your country. INSIST that that your Smart Meter be removed from your residence... or at minimum, tell them to remove the modem because the tinnitus in your ears is driving you insane (as it was with me). Also remind them that RF's are linked to brain tumours. They will tell you that their Smart Meter is doing you no more harm than your cell phone. Tell them...  "I turn my cell phone off at night when I sleep to allow my body to recover from the bombardment of Radio Frequencies during the day.  I can't turn my Smart Meter off...  can I ???  Remove my Smart Meter." 

As well, tell them that YOU  are documenting these phone calls to their company so that any ill-health diagnoses linked to RF's/ your Smart Meter can be brought to court in a Class Action. This documentation will show your persistence in trying to get them to remove the Smart Meter.  In the end, my company didn't know what to do with me.  A manager phoned me. I was not going to allow a hierarchical overlord to intimidate me...  even though he was very calm and pleasant. I kept on pressing my case forward and would not take 'No' for an answer as much as he tried to sweet-talk me.  I stated those words to him in a calm voice...  "Don't try to sweet talk me."  He didn't quite know how to respond to me 'naming' it. This action seemed to be very effective.  I encourage you to do likewise in getting the removal of your Smart Meter effected.  

I hope you enjoy reading these links on Steve's latest newsletter  : )   Subscribe to "The Power Struggle."  Keep updated.  Keep telling your neighbours, relations and friends to not accept this metering.  It will eventually make you sick.  It is NOT in harmony with the body's natural electrical systems...  We ARE electrical beings, hence: central nervous system (including brain) which is an electrical system.  Eventually, pulses from man-made externally induced RF's/ EMF's breaks your body down at a cellular level.  It's very dangerous stuff. Get It Removed...  before they decide to Remove some body part  : (

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Please find below this week's news - direct from the Power Struggle website.

Nov 09, 2012 09:08 am | Power Struggle
By examining smart meter data, it is possible to identify which appliances a consumer is using and at what times of the day, because each type of appliance generates a unique electric load “signature”. Continue reading →
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Nov 08, 2012 05:54 pm | Power Struggle
For those interested in the sales pitch manufacturers of smart meters use on utility providers, then please feel free to Continue reading →
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Nov 08, 2012 11:22 am | Power Struggle
Thalia Assuras from sat down with former CIA Director James Woolsey to discuss the current state of the nation's electric grid and its vulnerabilities. Woolsey says the federal government's oversight of grid security is inadequate and attacks on the grid are "entirely possible. Continue reading →
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Nov 08, 2012 11:19 am | Power Struggle
This is an industry conference call on smart grids. It is worth listening to so you get some insight into what is going on in the background. Continue reading →
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Nov 08, 2012 08:55 am | Power Struggle
Click to watch the video: Latest and perhaps best talk so far by Brian Thiesen on the politics behind smart meters and the health problems that come with them. Continue reading →
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Nov 08, 2012 08:38 am | Power Struggle
A report by Santa Cruz County Health Officer Dr. Poki Stewart Namkung, casting serious doubt on Smart Meter safety and the adequacy of FCC guidelines to protect the public, was unanimously accepted by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. Continue reading →
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Nov 07, 2012 01:47 pm | Power Struggle
If we are not careful this is the future of everything - unless someone at the Privacy Commission can take a stand on behalf of the people. Click to watch the video. Continue reading →
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Nov 07, 2012 11:13 am | Power Struggle
Electrical engineer and electro-magnetic pollution consultant Tom Wilson of, analyzes the architecture and human and environmental health risks of the so-called ‘smart grid’ in his presentation at the Wireless Safety Summit, Oct. 5, 2011, in Washington, D.C., sponsored by … Continue reading →
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Nov 07, 2012 08:48 am | Power Struggle
The energy minister in the previous [British] Labour government, one Ed Miliband, introduced legislation to make smart meters mandatory for homes and small and medium-sized businesses by 2014 as part of the condition for licensing energy companies. The electronic devices … Continue reading →
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Nov 07, 2012 01:51 am | Power Struggle
Intelligence chiefs have warned that plans to install smart energy meters in every house will leave families vulnerable to terrorist attacks. According to the British Government’s listening agency GCHQ, the plans will create a ‘strategic vulnerability’, giving foreign computer hackers … Continue reading →
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