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Meditation 22 Nov 2012. 22:11 Gateway Activation

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On the night of 22 November I engaged in two 11:11 Gate Activation meditations. They were known as "The 22:11 Gateway Activation meditations" as the date was the auspicious 22-11-12. It's not long now until the Gateway Opens fully on 12-21-12 to enable all of humanity to go through to the 4th-5th dimensions, should they choose to do so. That's my feeling on the subject anyway, having spent many months/ years of familiarising myself with various perspectives, reading and listening to commentators on this subject, as well as 'indications' given from my dreams and spiritual awareness.

I commenced the first meditation at 11:11pm NZ time. I thought I would honor my own little country first with a meditation an hour before I joined with the rest of the meditators around the world. This was to be a VERY powerful meditation:

At 11:11pm I began... closed eyes, relaxing... not really expecting to "see" anything. I simply wanted to share the Energy of Unity Consciousness... of the Energy of Love... of Opening the Heart and for all Beings to Expand... I also seek that all humanity be liberated from this Slavery of the Mind through this monetary system which is the Biggest Con !! The 'themes' for this meditation would include Co-creating truly Free Hue-Man Beings, Liberated Loved Animals who don't get eaten, for Minerals to be left in Mother Earth for the benefit of all People, Animals, Plants and Micro-organisms... where they need to be... not in some safe lock-up held in some person's name. The world's minerals are for All... for the healthy operation of our bodies and minds... as resonance-tools whose vibrations come through Our Mother and into our bodies for our healing and optimum health. Humans can not operate efficiently unless enough minerals are left in the locality to provide resonance for our bodies which are huge resonance absorbers and conductors of Energy... Loving, Healing, Joyous, and so on.


After a minute or two, I received a powerful almost physically painful image in my left eye. It was of a spiralling golden-yellow neon light much like the Norway spiral. It spiralled in from afar and came nearly right in to my left eye. I felt 'hurt' on some kind of level. There were no physical after-affects from seeing this. I have no idea what this spiralling beam into my left eye meant - I could have a few educated guesses. If any one out there knows what this might mean, i'd love to hear what you have to say.

Next thing, I saw the Earth... not as the blue-green planet, but just as a stationary orb hanging darkly against the black back-ground of space. Next thing, I was aware that an Energy 'wanted' to move through Mother Earth. I felt it was a toroidal energy, but I was unsure how to visualise this. These images show 'generally' what I visualised, but instead of being such 'bulgy' donuts, the torus was much more 'slim-lined' and basically followed the shape of the earth very closely.


I saw the Earth with toroidal energy strongly 'spiralling' through and out of her belly. The energy was flowing out of the North and being 'pulled in' at the South in much the same way that the human chakra field works. The energy I visualised felt extremely "heavy" to hold and behold, in much the same way that swimming through the wake of a jet-boat is very heavy going. I stood and 'held' this huge energy as it was drawn up and through and around the Earth. I watched it a couple of times... each rotation took around 30 seconds. I found it really hard to visualise the torus in 3-D around the entirety of the Earth. For the next rotations, I basically found myself standing watching the Energy from the point of view of 42 degrees South which is where we are here in NZ. This meant that I was watching/ directing this powerful waterfall of Energy as it poured out of the North, wildly rage past me near the South then be sucked up through the core of the Mother again... before it came pouring out of the North again. I then 'woke up' to what this energy might be able to achieve, so I then "peopled" all of the continents in my mind with the 7 billion that we are... and I saw you all in your countries standing up in the force of this great cleansing and Awakening Energy. After a couple more sweeps over all the people on the Earth, I saw it... A look of "What the hell am I doing?" on all of the faces of the people... and with that, thousands and thousands of men particularly, millions of them in fact, just put down their guns and put them on the ground. They bent down and lay all of their weapons down. They could not pick them up any more. No more violence was left in any One. [This scene I saw was actually in a desert place in a very dry arid zone where there were masses of soldiers. It was the Middle East.] The other thing that I 'knew' at that moment as well, was that people would not be able to eat animals any more. This idea would be abhorrent to people. It felt like cannibalism. No-one would want to do it (I still eat white meat btw. so this is not a judgement on anyone. I'm just reporting what I saw, felt and heard.)

I couldn't hold the energy any longer... and I knew that the 6 or 7 rotations that i'd visualised had done their work. I felt extremely elated and somewhat exhausted, all at the same time.

I'd decided to do the meditation for 11 minutes... that timing 'seemed right'. I'd glad i'd decided on this as the Energy of the Torus was fierce energy to hold and behold. At every 'sweep' past me, the force nearly knocked me off my feet and blew my hair back. I actually felt a cool breeze across my face during the meditation... I slightly opened my eyes to check if this breeze was physical. It was not. Maybe this is where we need to 'hang on to our hats' !! : ) Ref: Nov. blog "Arcturian Contactee"



A little later, I joined in the second meditation at 00:11am as part of the global meditation, 11:11 GMT. This meditation was much 'quieter' (less dramatic). I entered the meditation as 'normal'... closing eyes, relaxing the body, clearing the mind of petty concerns. Fairly immediately, I heard the 'whispers' of thousands of people as we all joined together in meditation around the world. Pssss, pssss, pssss, psssss.... It was slightly distracting, but kind of interesting too that I had this awareness. It continued throughout the meditation. I just held the Energy and declared in my own way for Peace, Unity and Awakening to come to all people : )

I went to bed quite late after the meditation, as I was doing some research online about my new-found Arcturian family who I know very little about. I slept very heavily and long when I did finally go to bed at around 3am. When I took my head off the pillow in the late morning (no work the next day), I moved much too fast and I got a huge burst of vertigo !!! Wow.... eeerrrrggghhhh. Feeling very nauseous and then had to take it very quietly for the rest of the morning and early afternoon. After around 4 hours I could start to move again without swooning. I got through the evening OK... but that will teach me. If you go 'travelling' at night into the 4th-5th dimension and expect to leap out of bed in the 3rd, you might have a few problems... At least, I think this is what happened to me. It's not a good idea to jump across the bridge and not make it elegantly to the other side : ( It's far better to walk the bridge, and slide back into your body nice and easy. For future reference: Allow yourself to return slowly into your body before moving... as if out of a meditation. I hope this helps someone else who might be having a similar experience to me at the moment ; ) Bronny

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