Thursday 9 April 2015

PROMOTIONS PEOPLE NEEDED for Two Days - to Promote the Protest


LONDON 10am on Saturday 11th April in Parliament Square
EDINBURGH 12 noon on Saturday 11th April at Holyrood Park
LIVERPOOL 11am on Saturday 11th April at Liverpool Museum, march to Albert Docks
MANCHESTER 10am on Saturday 11th at the Town Hall
BIRMINGHAM 12 noon on Saturday 11th April in Victoria Square

>> BELFAST Friday 10 April

A message to members on the #WhistleblowerNewsRoom Facebook Group and to any prospective members. Please come and join the News Room if you feel this is where you'd like to join in....  Thanks

Hello my lovelies... Thank you for all your great contributions this week with lots of Articles Shared by #WhistleblowerKids - thank you Catherine  :)  + articles "stolen" off the News Room Group from members there, and spatterings of articles from other people I follow on Twitter. It's been a great week, with over 100 articles on the paper !!  Good going !!  (y)  <3  Go check it out. It's looking fantastic !!

We've got a HUGE TWO DAYS NOW...  because of the Protest on Saturday !!!  So from now until Friday night UK time, please now turn your attention to PROMOTION of the #WhistleblowerNews.

There are three Featured articles promoting the Demonstrations in the UK on Saturday.  So PLEASE...  just copy-pase the #WhistleblowerNews URL wherever you can - wherever it may be appropriate on any group in the world - mainly UK Groups of course.

I find the best (least annoying) place to paste the URL is in Comments on other people's posts in Groups.  And please add this message when you post the link: "Protests against Child Abuse in the UK 10am this Saturday."  That will be AWESOME.  Let's tell ALL of Britain, Scotland and Eire !!!  Let's Wake the Nation up !!!

So, that's all we're doing for the next two days...  OK ??  PROMOTION, PROMOTION, PROMOTION.  Don't worry about research so much.  We really want to back up the 4 major UK cities where protests are going to be held with full-on promotion to ALL our UK Friends and any and EVERY group we can find...  even if it's a Page for a Club or school or Hairdresser's.  Just go mad !!  Get the Paper out there !!  (y)

AFTER Saturday, we've got two more days to find articles that you can either post here or Tweet me @BronnyNZ.

To get your articles in the paper so I don't have to add them manually (double handling) please Tweet the article URL to me @BronnyNZ and to make double sure, also Tweet @SabineMcNeill and @SurvivorsAbuse.

That's Awesome. Thank you guys for all your support and Love. This would be a very thankless task indeed if I didn't have this lovely group of people around me, supporting to get this great little paper out every week !!  Thanks y'all...  Love yous !!  xx  :D <3

Here's our Feature Article from now until Saturday. I'll change it on Sunday morning UK time.  xx


United against all abuse and paedophiles

Anonymous Press Release.

#OpUnited Call to Arms for Anonymous in Solidarity with Abuse Victims.
Greeting Citizens of the World.
We have had requests from several child sex abuse victims, abuse advocates & campaigners asking Anonymous to join forces with them in a street protest against child sex abuse, CSAInquiry delays, cover ups and the lack of legal action against all types of abusers.
This is a call to arms to all of AnonFamily to show solidarity with victims and help to support this demonstration against abuse in any way you can.
10am on Saturday 11th April in Parliament Square, London.
12 noon on Saturday 11th April at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.
11am on Saturday 11th April at Liverpool Museum, march to Albert Docks, Liverpool.
10am on Saturday 11th at the Town Hall, Manchester.
12 noon on Saturday 11th April in Victoria Square, Birmingham.
From Sex Abuse victims, to those abused and neglected because they are disabled, old, mentally afflicted, and vulnerable in and way shape or form, it is time for the UK to rise up and say no more!
Generations of victims have seen no justice for their unimaginable sufferings. It is time to raise your voice for victims now so that our next generations are neither abused nor silenced.


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