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GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND !!! - ENGLISH Sex Trafficking !!!!

DREADFUL Story of SEX SLAVERY !!!  - And you ask WHY we should GET RID OF MONEY OFF THIS PLANET !! ???  And what happened to those three young boys once they got on English soil ??  :(   Who do THEY have to advocate for them ??  : (   UTTERLY DREADFUL !!!!

Scandal: A young 26 year old Nigerian made revelations in breath away ...

Please be so good to copy this English translation and Share it on your Facebook Timeline, etc. to CREATE AWARENESS that TRAFFICKING OF SEX SLAVES INTO ENGLAND IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW !!!   Thank you.

Let's NOT put our heads in the sand again !!!!

Lolita's story....  the original is in French translated below with Google.  Published: October 5, 2014

Lolita is Nigerian and has only 26 springs when her testimony is harvested. Her journey is a perfect illustration of the plight of thousands of African women. Prostitution has made her a drug addict and an alcoholic that AIDS rushes into the arms of the Grim Reaper. Here is a tip of her ordeal ... "

If only I knew what awaited me in this crazy world, this world that everyone admires this world where they all want to come [...] A world where we African prostitutes are considered shit, the slaves who are made to eat excrement and drink urine. It is normal for the sick, perverse, rich people use their power and money to make such serious things about human beings. They say we're willing adults. This is wrong because no one asked my opinion before throwing me into this shit. I was forced and threatened. And if we are adults, what about the children who are in these environments?

Children of all ages. And the younger they are, the more they are expensive. It is not the poor who can pay huge sums as their salaries are not enough ... I am outraged and I'm not afraid anymore, anyway my days are numbered. My AIDS is terminal. They have more respect for their dogs for us, I know all the girls do not go through the same steps as me. But I know what happens in this medium and girls deny any fear of reprisals. Their money gives them rights to our life ...

If drugs, AIDS and alcohol do not kill me, their dirt I swallowed as well as those of their dogs not to mention all the shots I took, enough to kill me ... I begged God forgive me and take me back. No one can live with what I have in my head, I only have to close my eyes to the horrors that come back to me. And every day, every night it's the same ordeal, it is a torture. Somebody help me finish, I have the strength to try anything. Good God! I just want a break, a rest. Ending this world, leaving, leaving, just go ... My ordeal began in Lagos, I came across an ad on the Internet where a businessman looking girls looking for marriage for his marriage agency. There were photos of successful marriage cases. I also answered ads in magazines found everywhere now.

It went very quickly. The gentleman contacted me and we communicate through the Internet. He offered things no woman can refuse. The dream what! Within three months I had everything needed to leave for London. He gave me the names of people to see and everything went smoothly. I just had to go to Benin City (Nigeria city, ie) looking for a small parcel for him. I was very surprised to see that the package in question, it was three boys between eight and twelve. Their passports were ready, visas too. Everything was ok. I went to a gentleman that people called "sorcerer" who gave me instructions. Our trip was through Ghana and there, someone else had to recover from the Liberian passports, and it is with these new passports we left for London. They allow us to get faster to the status of refugees. We left after three days in a slum in Accra where we were hiding, to avoid jealousy of those who did not have our luck ...

The youngest boy was paralyzed by fear: he cries a lot, he trembles and do not say a word, only refuge, my arms he will leave just so I go to the bathroom or wash me ... At the airport my fiance and waiting for me as the one who would pick up the children. The separation was painful. It took a lot of force to detach the younger boy to me, I have also not seen or heard from these children. I followed this man of whom I knew nothing except that he called himself "BRYAN". Just arrived home, the nightmare began. First he had to get to know. I tried to resist explaining that I needed a little time, it was not easy to give and someone you barely know. But the firmness with which he caught me sell immediately. My first hours on English soil were rape hours on the mat living room. I should not say anything. He rested, drank whiskey and over again painful and disgusting things that I never knew existed. I thought I was dying. I had to do what he wanted, I only knew him, and he took my papers.

After abusing me, he asked me to watch tapes where we saw girls with animals and he said well look at what were the girls. Because I should do the same. My coming had cost him a lot of money I had to pay. And also, as he's nice, he will find us markets, filming and we will share the money equally. He told me he would give me something to give me courage because it would take me, but in the end, there was money. A lot of money. The little trick to give me courage, it's drugs. Thus, three weeks after my arrival on English soil, I became actress porn movies with animals from Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and London, my residence. Once or twice a week, I went to film studios or particular turn the crap.

Sometimes the master or dogs joined us and it made a scene that gives nausea. The dog and handler at the same time with the wife watching this circus, fun, sipping a cocktail. I did drugs and drank a shot before because I could not have done it without hovering. These animals in me, their slime, their hair, their bad breath, claws and violence due to the encouragement of teachers whose orders can get the rhythm of soft animals violent. And you below, you cash these shots. I cried, I cried, eyes closed, I still pray that God take me. What was I doing? My poor mother would die if she only knew. To prevent it are questions I sent him money and photos carefully staged by Bryan ...

The worst moments was when he had to make oral sex to these animals. Can not they make condoms, the reports were unprotected and Mr. said I risked nothing for God had done things. It was impossible that fertilization takes place. For years, I have done it: thousands of gallons of animal waste in my stomach. My body is so dirty that no child can develop it. One day to decorate the shootings, the wife of the master of the dogs went to get the puppies a few days it has made my breasts. [breast feeding] It was very painful because they drew all their strength because nothing came out.

Professionals resell these cassettes by the thousands in the world and individuals repass between the home evenings with friends around a perverse food. I must admit that I had a lot of money. I built my home and my family lives well. I pay the tuition younger and I respected and revered. My family is proud of me because they know nothing.

Gluttony, I increased turning speeds, it also increased my income, but also drug doses and alcohol. During dead periods, he lent me a friend in the South of France since the summer in some boats in the sea, with the arrival of celebrities, there is a large market of prostitutes and drugs. There orgies all night and it is big. It allows to change activities and to make money throughout the year. This is perhaps there that I contracted the AIDS virus, but are not regularly monitored, the disease was discovered too late, I was abandoned on the beach of Saint-Tropez. Bryan has disappeared and moved. This is a Polish prostitute who helped me but as she could not take my drug doses, in addition to everything she did for me, she introduced me to an African girl in the profession that m ' spoke of the association that deals with African women with AIDS ...

My illness is terminal, I will not have thirty years, my body is covered with infected pimples, I'm addicted, anorexic, alcoholic. And yet sometimes I make passes, but I am careful to customers who know nothing of my situation. I do not put them in danger is to pay me my drug and alcohol doses. I take these junk to speed my end. The images are torturing me and it is a poison that kills me slowly. This is the worst of the dead ... What I regret having come into this world. At home, I'd be healthy, wife and mother ... "

Translated by Google:

Original article in French:

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