Tuesday 28 April 2015

April 2015. Cheshire UK dad speaks out: Kids ABUSED in Cafcass "care"

All of these Cheshire children ARE AT RISK of being REMOVED from their parents because of current CAFCASS policies in the UK !!!  DO SOMETHING !!!  Join ACTION GROUPS to STOP these abuses continuing !!  Sign the petition !!  This is the very LEAST you can do !! 

STOP being a doormat, and STAND UP !!!  

YOU are the ADULT !!!  

Stand UP NOW for kids all over Britain !!!!

They are being Sodomised, Raped, Beaten by people they DO NOT KNOW !!!

They have no-one to turn to except for US.

WE are the ONLY WAY these kids are going to STAY SAFE...

- By charging ahead in a ground-swell of creating Public Awareness.

You must SHARE ALL POSTS of this nature with your Friends Networks, on Twitter, with friends over a cup of tea.

It's only through HUGE GENERALISED PUBLIC AWARENESS that WE can help Keep These Kids Safe.

Become ACTIVE NOW !!!! 

Following is a letter from a UK father who is in a long-running battle with the courts and police over Cafcass who are ALLOWING and covering up abuses of his young children - including RAPE !!  All of this is happening while they are in Cafcass' "care" ...  

It's a HUGE STINKING cover-up !!   : (

Hi Miriam Stevenson,
you are a social worker,
so, can you help change it all
please - for the better.

I am a father
who is a consultant physicist
highly trained in management and business,
covering organisations and companies world wide.

In 6 years of interfacing
with a plethora of social workers
out of Cheshire West and Chester,
i have not met one who is decent.
-  Pretentious and pretending
they are decent.
I had social worker after social worker
sacrifice my children's well being to keep their jobs.

My daughter was raped,
there was a police report,
and all of the social workers
buried this and tried to hide police reports.

Social workers wrote reports in 2009 -
- reporting the abuses and violence to the children
by their mum.

New social workers were appointed in 2010,
suddenly, the children were liars -
- and all the reports of abuse hidden
BUT i had copies

The new social workers wrote
life was idyllic at mum's.
When the children ran away from mum's house,
Cafcass worked with the children
and reported violence and abuse.

The children were placed
100% in my custody in 2011.

This drove the local authority livid,
because they had tried to keep
the children at mum's
in order to cover up
the horrendous mistakes they had made.

Then followed 26 appearances
before the family court
where they lied,
in order to get the children gagged
back under their control.

Eventually they got a judge
to agree dad could not work with these social workers

- and the judge let the social workers
put the children back into abuse
to protect the social workers (his cronies).

You have never seen desperation like these people
trying to keep this covered up.

Even NHS psychiatrists
wrote reports stating these authorities
(based on evidence) were behaving abusively.

When I reported the abuses
and abusers of my children
to the police (cronies of the local authority )
I was arrested and charged with harassment
of the abusers
and stuck in prison on remand for a year.

At my trial in the Crown Court in Chester
9, 10, 11, 12 March 2015, I was acquitted.

The child abuses were witnessed
as me reporting crimes to the police.

It was described as a mess
of Biblical proportions by the authorities.

The crown court judge said
he could not do anything
about the evidenced child abuses
as the abusers were not on trial !!!!!

So, the children are still being abused
and the local authority
and a plethora of social workers are
desperate to keep them gagged there.

Police are refusing to investigate.

- They simply report the children are fine
because social services say so.

When my daughter told social workers
in 2011 that she and her little brother
had been abused,
they told her she was a liar.

When my daughter told teachers,
they told social workers
who told her not to tell people.

When my daughter told childline,
they told social workers
who told her not to tell people.

When I told social workers,
they sent me a lawyers letter
saying 'do not tell us' !!

When I told Barnardos,
they told social workers
who told my daughter to stop telling people.

When I told NSPCC,
they told social workers
who told my daughter to stop telling people.

When I told police,
they told social workers
who told my daughter to stop telling people.

When i demanded the police investigate
directly to the children,
social services told the police
that the police could not interview the children.

Cheshire police refuse to investigate themselves
and are deliberately covering up child abuses,
authorised by John Dwyer their crime commissioner.

Cheshire West and Chester council
are refusing to investigate themselves
and are deliberately covering up child abuses
authorised by Steve Robinson their Chief Executive.

Cafcass are refusing to investigate themselves
and are deliberately covering up child abuses
authorised by the head of complaints.

Judge Barnett of Chester,
covered up rape and sexual abuses
along with a host of criminal acts by Cheshire West and Chester in order to protect his cronies.

Effectively, the children are being abused to make MONEY !!!

All of this is hard evidenced.

CORPUS Delicti --- we have the corpses


There appears to be a deeply embedded CULTURE within the police of Cheshire to "turn a blind eye" and not carry out investigations of Child Abuse allegations.

Each one of those police personnel needs to come in front of a magistrate and ACCOUNT for his or her lack of action !!!


Chester man alleges his child abuse claims 
were ignored for more than a decade

Mr Frost, 75, who has lived in Chester since 1960, recalled: “I spoke to two CID officers who came out to see me at home. I told them who I was and where I worked and about the allegations and asked if they would pass the information on to Wrexham police. I didn’t think they were that interested because it wasn’t on their patch but I assumed they would pass on the information. It was pretty serious even in those days.”
He added: “I didn’t hear anything but presumed they were doing undercover work and at some stage somebody would come and speak to me but nobody ever did. Thirty years ago there was an implicit trust in the police and, naively, even though they never came back to me, I assumed they had done something.
“Most of the offences took place between 1975 and 1985, there were some more later on into the 90s, so certainly he could have been stopped from perpetrating a number of these offences.”
In hindsight, Mr Frost, a married father of four, wishes he had done more to raise the alarm, but commented: “I didn’t have the benefit of hindsight.”


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