Friday 17 April 2015

BE UNSHACKLED from this Holographic-Illusion-Matrix

Anon asked me a question a couple of days ago.  I thought other people visiting this blog might also be interested in my reply...  I hope you find it helpful.  The question is in relation to this blog post:

"TAKE ME TO CHURCH" Hozier - Satanic Baby Sacrifice Ritual Cult anthem


Anonymous said on: 16 April 2015 at 04:41Great work !! Can you tell us a bit more about how you worked out the homophones, and how you knew to look for them? 
Reply by BronnyNZHi there Anon. I shall try to be brief but this is most likely impossible. I'm going to revert to a list:

(1) 6th Form study of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in1977 - pun, allusion, double entendre.
(2) Analysis of the Cestui Que Vie Act (1666) in 2013
(3) I've been "decoding" music notation since I was 4 years old in 1965.
(4) My grandmother played a lot of puzzling games with me 1969-1971.
(5) University of Otago Language paper. Study of phonetics including memorising the phonetic alphabet 1990.
(6) Kate of Gaia 2014.
(7) Santos Bonacci 2014.
(8) Jordon Maxwell 2014.
(9) Video series, "Holographic Disclosure" 2014.
(10) Eckhart Tolle 2009.
(11) I'm a musician. I have very good ears for accents, tones, sounds.
(12) church goer who's listened to many "end times" sermons 1973-1988.
(13) Competition Scrabble player 2009-2012  (more decoding)
(14) Follower of David Icke, Max Igan, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Michael Ruppert since 2010.
(15) Student of Anastasia of Vedrus since 2010.
(16) Watched the 2012 London Olympics opening.
(17) Arcturian conscious contactee since November 2012.
(18) I receive quite a lot of channelled information from the Arcturian Collective. I "don't know" this information until i've finished writing it. Then it becomes "resource material" for me to learn from as well. Eg: The Magic of Words(19) I've been working with Sabine McNeill, Ella Draper, Abraham Christie with #WhistleblowerKids since Feb 11, 2015.
(20) I majored in Classical Studies and Drama, which included a year of Latin (Roman language) - more decoding and learning one of the main language roots in the "English" language 1990-93. Theatric pieces are full of symbolism.
Therefore: There is no one "magic bullet" that allowed me to see. We all come with a toolbox of seemingly incongruous components in it. Once these are all pieced together in a congruent way, we find we have some pretty outstanding tools to work with : )

Analysis of the video itself
  • This song is about a woman. Therefore: 
  • Why are there two gay men featured in the video? 
  • Why is there terror, loss, sex-lust-sodomy implied
  • Why is a human ritual sacrifice being openly carried out in the video?
  • Are the young men in hoodies symbolic of Satanic cult members wearing hooded cloaks?
Note: Cloaks with hoods are worn in the practice of "dark rites" including the ritual abuse of children and babies. 

WHY WHY WHY does all this imagery appear in a music video that seems to have nothing to do with the lyrics, which on the surface level seems to talk about lovers being swept away in the ecstasy of love making?

Had no-one noticed this before? What the video is depicting visually is actually what the song's lyric is about - A cult ritual killing as seen in the kicking of the body on the ground and the large bonfire, which is accompanied by orgiastic sex among both men and women. The lyric goes straight into our subconscious without us even realizing that we become a part of the ritual through the homophones that are used extensively throughout the song.

Back to Cryptic Clues... 

"Homo" means "same". We therefore need to ask ourselves what else was "homo-" (same symbolism, same sounding) in this video?  When asking this question, it doesn't take us too long to start hearing lot of sounds that could be "mistaken" for other sounds. 

This can be heard particularly in the line: "A fresh poison each week [fresh boys in each week]." 

Since i've been working with the #WhistleblowerKids information since mid-February, the meaning of this line was very clear to me. That was my starting point. I just kept hearing more and more homophones after that. I replayed and replayed this song maybe 30 times or more during the deciphering. 

Because I had become conscious of the actual lyric, it was no longer being mainstreamed into my Subconscious directly... therefore, I had no problem at all with listening to this track an infinite number of times. 

Once you see the trick, you are no longer under its influence. The Hozier post took me around six hours in total to write up, to work through with and wrestle with the raw data. ie: seeing the truth doesn't "just happen". You have to press on and listen carefully. I think that's where my university background came in - tenacity to prove a theorem. You have to persevere and push through to be able to see the illusion fully. 

This is true for every aspect of living in this illusory matrix hologram. It's all illusion. But you can't wake up until you have seen the trick for yourself. It's no good for you to read this post or these comments then walk away saying, "That was interesting." 

The bottom-line is you... It's up to you to become a decoder yourself. No-one else can save you but you. It's up to you to start creating the cerebral wiring in your own neo-cortex to get yourself free. You need to go from being a receiver to being a processor. The difference is between being a radio, which only receives, to being a hard drive where a lot of information is processed in a whole range of ways.

I can't wake you up for you. Only you can. This takes application... The application added to the hard drives allows you to do so much more. 

Why do you think the gurus of the world tell you they can not teach you... that you have to come into your own awareness? That is absolutely correct. No-one can teach you a thing. 

You have to "go for it" yourself. Remember those words:"Ask and you shall receive." ASK!

The energy field is living - and it can talk to us. You've just forgotten how to do it... Open up now, and ask the Universal Consciousness Field to talk to you. Let The Field know you are open. 

"Ask and you shall receive". Everything you need to know is waiting for you to be ready to ask the right questions. You need to cultivate your ear to be able to hear the answers when they come in... I can teach you... Leave a message in Comments below. I won't publish your request. 

Asking and hearing takes practice... I've been practicing for a lifetime (I'm 56 years old now) ... So practice sending out questions and receiving answers from Quantum Consciousness (God) every day. EVERY DAY... and you will find yourself starting to get more and more in tune with The Field. 

This process might take you days, months or years... Everyone is different. But keep persevering on through. And give up fluoridated water immediately. For some people, this will be your greatest hinderance.

These word games and image games (symbolism) are what we must alert ourselves to. We will increasingly outwit the illusion masters. The Black Magicians of Babylon, Egypt, Phoenicia and Rome love to play these games with us: "Hidden in Plain Sight". We have been so bloody stupid as a slave race up until now (until this last decade). The Puppet Masters, the illusion masters, the High Priests, love to taunt us for their own pleasure. We haven't been able to see their tricks up until now. And now, we do see !!

We see these games plainly in the writings of William Shakespeare. We see this plainly in the mixed-language and image words used in the Cestui Que Vie Act (1666). We see it plainly in the words and images of the songs manufactured for us, to keep us in slavery-salivary (hunger, lust) - Livery -Separation - therefore Slavery = Separation, that the illusion-makers create for us in plenty !!! 

Cornucopia-Capricorn is ruled by Saturn - which is the energy that rules Babylon, Egypt, Phoenicia and Rome - and is "the horn of plenty", ie: excessive. 

Join the dots... 

The debaucery that comes out of Hollywood and Comcast-Time-Warner is plentiful in California-Capricornia. The symbolism and word games are  everywhere. They have been conjured by the Babylonian Magicians of Babylon, Egypt, Phoenicia and Rome. It is an incredible evil. It must be drawn out... like pus out of a boil. This next year is not going to be pretty... 2018.

Open your mind. Join the dots.

The Field is living. It will show you what you need to know.


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