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Battle for Free Speech in Social Media #WhistleblowerKids Hampstead

Photos: Abe and Ella (left); Gabriel and Alisa (right)

This Video Was Removed Yesterday: Will It Be Removed Again Today?

by Anon Facebook supporter

First Interview with Mom & Partner after Bogus Judgment Labeling Mom Liar after One-Sided Custody Hearing

Part I: Ella Draper & Abe Christie's testimony on Hampstead pedophilia the UK High Court excluded

Published March 31, 2015


"We felt betrayed as well. I took the kids to the police when they made their disclosures. Who knew that they would be covering it up so blatantly and not just that, the further you go, the worse it becomes. Now the judicial system is implicated. Now the media is in control. Now they are taking videos from the internet. Freedom of speech now is compromised on Google. It’s totally controlled. I mean I feel betrayed…They are kidnapping our children to use for their malicious purposes."
- Protective Mom Ella

"A court and a judge and mainstream media channels have now become complicit in cultic child ritual abuse by participating in widespread pedophile cover up [in Alisa and Gabriel's case]."
- Journalist M.A. Devlin

"There were no witnesses..who could tell the truth at this judicial proceeding... You were not present to tell the full story of your children’s participation in what appears to be what we’ve unearthed is a pedophile and ritual child sacrifice hub in Hampstead.

This is really the first opportunity in the court of public opinion. This is serving as a first instance to get these facts and your testimony on the record, which should, if this judge had been an honest judge and not corrupted, and this court had been an honest proceeding.

And I say this as an attorney as a former law professor at two universities and as a judge in international proceedings. This is disgraceful. The conduct of this court by any international standard is disgraceful.  - Alfred Lambremont Webre, attorney and radio show host


...The story which Judge Pauffley gave to the media is that it is a custody dispute. Now this couldn’t be further from the truth because I already had custody over my children so for me there was no reason to... well they said that I coached them - we coached them in order to get back at him. Well, why? 

I mean I had custody of the children. I didn’t want anything to do with him.

Why would I do that? Why would I make the children give false allegations to the police to put them through what they are going through, and myself in this situation. Besides, I think it’s a quite serious crime—right?—to make false allegations on this matter. And not just that, if you want to get back at him, why would I include teachers, parents... police officers, social workers... Why would I do that?

They would switch between two modes... They would switch from being angelic children and they would become demonic... One of the triggers for them changing was when they touched each other intimately. We learned that the father taught them and pressured them and terrorized them into touching each other intimately at least five times a day and they had become quite adept at doing it. They would often ask their mother to make food when they weren’t hungry in order to get an opportunity to touch each other intimately. They had a sign language that they would use to meet each other to touch in the bathroom.

At one time we felt threatened by the children. We later learned that they had been brainwashed using some sort of mind control. The father was telling them to kill me... They admitted during disclosures that the father had also asked them to kill both of us and it was quite a few occasions that they mentioned that. Ella asked Alisa in my presence whether she is still thinking of killing us she said, “A little bit.” I asked her how she would have done it and she said, “I would come and stab you in your heart when you’re sleeping. Mama is easy to kill but you Abraham wouldn’t be so easy to kill.”

I was definitely in shock... it takes a while to take on board exactly what you feel. Because the kids were telling us that... You have to accept that you have 20 sets of parents - that’s 40 adults. They say that all the teachers in the school are involved. That’s 30 more adults... and they are all raping and buggering each other and it’s happening regularly... It’s unbelievable. That’s the only way I can describe it. "Unbelievable."

Fortunately they had a devoted mother who showed them what was right and what was good so they had that as a counterbalance to the depravity of the cult and we believe that was what allowed them to be able to ultimately, that’s part of what allowed them to be able to speak and to face their fear and to overcome their fear of being killed.

They were happy that they were able to disclose and we were going to the UK to achieve justice and we’d get help from someone in authority. We were aware of the corruption in the social services and police but we naively assumed that there would be some good people who would help us. But we quickly learned that the people in positions of power all have members or people who are subordinate to cult members.

They [police] tried to frame me as a madwoman... Then I learned that on [September] the 9th they already agreed what they were going to do... The social worker in a high position suggested that mother is crazy and most likely we coached them to say the story... Even if this is their suspicion that we coached them then why don’t they find out? This was a criminal case which was very quickly closed without even waiting for the medical results to arrive.

The case was not investigated at all and whatever little was investigated was dismissed. In fact, the next day after the first interview [the detective] already said there was not sufficient evidence to support the allegations. 

They didn’t take into account that the children had given names and addresses, particular properties, the locations of secret rooms, escape routes, graphic details of distinguishing marks on the abusers. Nothing was investigated.

They tried to impose psychiatric assessments of me, naming Abraham as a main abuser... They had to justify kidnapping the children with no intention to return them back to me or my family.

From Part I: Ella Draper & Abe Christie's testimony on Hampstead pedophilia the UK High Court excluded


Protest Every Sunday 10am at Christchurch Primary School/Church

Westminster: April 11th

Daily Mail Protest: April 10th, 10am, Protest Against Wrongful Accusations against Ella by Media. Northcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT

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